Victor Ivanovich Sadovnikov (1886-1963).

Victor Ivanovich Sadovnikov (1886-1963), pupil of U.A. Massety, A.A. Iljnsky, S.I. Taneyev and R.M. Gliere, singer, composer, conductor. Professor of choral and operatic ensemble (1922-1930), solo singing (1934-1937). Among the wounded (sitting second from left) in the hospital quartered at the Petrograd College of Law (1915)

Petrograd College of Law

Landscape. The 1820s.

Landscape. The 1820s (?). Pencil on paper.  Reference Department, fund 3, No. 8180. Photocopy from the Shevchenko Museum of Ukrainian Literature. Kiev.

Institute of Russian Literature. Saint-Petersburg.

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