Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir M. Komarov, 40, was the first man known to have been killed in an actual space fight. He died on April 24, 1967

the first man known to have been killed in an actual space fight

Herman Titov, a pilot-cosmonaut, among the Saint Petersburg children

«White nights» in June

Old photo

Ice drift in April

Ice drift

The Nevsky Prospect

The old Nevsky Prospect, old photo

The monuments, erected in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg

The monuments, old photo

The monuments, erected in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg, remind one of the heroic exploits of the Russiansold.ers who smashed the fascist hordes. Old Peterfiof: Stela in honour of the courageous defenders of the “Oranienbdum Pyatachok”

Ozerny (Lake) Wharf: Prospect Obukhovskoi Obordny

Prospect Obukhovskoi Obordny

Comfortable passenger ships make regular excursion trips up the Neva to Petrokrepost and over Lake Ladoga to the Island of Valaam, one of the most picturesque places in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg.

Tourists are blazing the skiing trail in the thickets of the Karelian Isthmus.

 Karelian Isthmus.

Pulkov Observatory

In 1942 the Pulkovo Observatory on the Pnlkovo Heights was utterly destroyed by fascist bombs and shells. In 1962 the Observatory, restored and reconstructed on new technical principles, carries out an extensive programme of astronomic investigations. The observatorv is stuated on the Pulkov Heights on the Pulkov meridian. It is the principal observatory of the…


Komsomol Square

Old photo

It is hard to imarine that only a few decades ago the tine Komsomol Square was the hamlet of Avtovo buried in thick mud.

Monument to V. Voloddrsky (near Volodarsky Bridge)

near Volodarsky Bridge

Volodarsky is portrayed as an inspired orator and fervent tribune of the Revolution. The monument was made to the design of M. Q. Manizer and set up in 1925 on the left bank of the Neva, near the spot where Volodarsky was assassinated by the enemies of the Revolution on June 20, 1918.

Ilyich House of Culture: Moskovsky Plospect, 152

Moskovsky Plospect, 152

This House of Culture was built in the years of the first RussianFive-Year Plan, on the spot where before the Revolution a tavern called Stdro-Zelyony (Old Green Pub) was situated. The house was erected for the benefit of the workers of the Etectrosila Plant according to the design submitted by the architect N. F. Demkov.