The Cossacks.



The features of the beautiful city Novocherkassk, which was primordially built as Don Cossack capital are clarity of capital, scale and harmony of proportions, grandiosity of streets and squares. “The second sun of the Don” — The Ascension Cathedral of the Army in Novocherkassk is the third biggest temple in Russia. Architect A. A.Yashenko (1891-1905)…


Voyskovoy Voskresenskiy cathedral

EN Constellation of architectural memorials of XVII-XVIII — is the pride of Cossack village Starocherkasskaya. The main of them is Voyskovoy Voskresenskiy cathedral with A-type bell (The Host Cathedral in The Name of Resurrection of Christ) — the first temple erected on the Don (XVII-XVIII). There are the unique carved iconostas. bronze church-chandeliers, choirs with…