House for ages

Treasure for the ages. Good looking and very comfortable house, built by the firm Lindal, allowed the family to carry out long-held dream – to live in a wooden house, where the stuff would have found a comfortable refuge cherished by many generations of families of different vintage items, without disturbing your neighborhood quite modern…


Yellow wooden house.

The island of warmth and tranquility. Following the ancient traditions and building on the achievements of modern technology, about 20 years ago, the company’s specialists Lapponia House (Finland) has set itself the task to create a design that would prevent shrinkage and distortions walls, and cracks in the wood, but keeping all advantages of a…


Russian manor

Your estate Surrounded by olive trees, the house (company Honka) built in the best traditions of this Russian country estate, uniting in a single architectural whole lot of buildings for various purposes. In this case, all these buildings of different heights under different roofs also like together in a massive three-storey building. A wide staircase…


The house on the slope.

Considerable elevation on the site, intended for building a house, at first grieved his future owners, but the architects have dispelled their concerns; having vast experience in the design, they knew themselves, and managed to convince customers that these professionals are quite capable disadvantages to draw in dignity. In the end, thanks to the creative…


Home from bars

from bars

Home for a young family

House-building company Honka has developed a series of small and inexpensive beam houses, designed especially for young families. When this future homeowners can individually choose their layout. The presented project is one of a series of houses for young families – constructed from bars. It is stylized as a rural house, but at the same…