“Dream Island” Moscow

About project Unique composition of facilities Land plot area: 100 ha Total area of the covered part: more than 300,000 sq. m Landscape park: 44 ha Indoor theme amusement park Multifunctional concert hall: 3,500 seats Multiplex for 17 halls Embankment with promenade: 2 km long Hotel 4* including 410 rooms Children’s yacht school Parking for…


Top Russian Legislator Warns Against Return of Neocolonialism in Africa

Neocolonialism should never set foot on the African continent again, Russia’s leading legislator has said at a parliamentary forum ahead of President Vladimir Putin’s first Russia-Africa summit this fall. Russia has expanded its presence in Africa since 2014, with at least 20 military cooperation deals signed since Western nations sanctioned Russia for annexing Crimea. Yevgeny…


Putin Signs Law Suspending INF Disarmament Treaty

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Rosneft and BP Support Britten-Shostakovich Festival Orchestra

Marking the UK-Russia Year of Music in 2019, Rosneft and BP have agreed to support the creation of a unique musical joint venture, the Russo-British Britten-Shostakovich Festival Orchestra (BSFO).

Top Russian Official Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ Population Loss

Russia’s population numbers are declining “catastrophically” with several regions vastly underestimating their death rates, a top government official has said. Russia has struggled with a demographic crisis in recent years, with population numbers falling for the first time in a decade to 146.8 million last year. Official data for 2019 places Russia’s population at 146.7…


Russia Tests New Anti-Aircraft Missile

Russia successfully launched a new anti-aircraft missile, its Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. The test launch took place at Sary Shagan range in Kazakhstan, the ministry said. Video published by the Defense Ministry shows the missile soaring into the sky, leaving a pillar of fire and smoke in its wake. Russian military representatives did not…


Russia Tests New Air Defense Missile

Russia has successfully launched a new air defense missile, its Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. The test launch took place at Sary Shagan range in Kazakhstan, the ministry said. Video published by the Defense Ministry shows the missile soaring into the sky, leaving a pillar of fire and smoke in its wake. Russian military representatives…


On This Day: Larisa Shepitko

Larisa Shepito was an actress, screenwriter and film director who was an integral part of the “new wave” of cinema in the Soviet “Thaw” period in the 1960s. A peer of Andrei Tarkovsky, her films were renowned for their strong naturalism, associative imagery, and their depth of meaning and emotion. She was a woman in…


Rustem Usmanov put in charge of Gazprom Transgaz Kazan

Release July 1, 2019, 19:05 Rustem Usmanov has been appointed Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Kazan. Rustem Usmanov was born in 1969 in Ufa. He graduated from Ufa Petroleum Institute, majoring in Design, Construction and Operation of Gas & Oil Pipelines and Gas & Oil Storage Facilities, and earned a management degree from the All-Russian Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics. He has a PhD…


Lawmaker Suggests Replacing ‘Gulag Archipelago’ With Bible Study in Russian Schools

A senior Russian lawmaker has backed an Orthodox Church proposal to teach the Bible in schools, suggesting it be included in curriculums instead of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s seminal “Gulag Archipelago.” A Church spokesman, spurred by President Vladimir Putin’s endorsement of the texts, had offered over the weekend to include the Bible, the Torah and the Quran…


Commercial production of cobalt radioisotope begins at Smolensk NPP Unit 3

On June 28, 2019, loading of additional cobalt absorbers into Unit 3 reactor started at Smolensk NPP. This is the final stage of primary loading in Rosenergoatom’s large-scale project envisaging commercial production of cobalt-60 (Co-60) that is highly demanded on the international market. Co-60 isotope manufacturing project at Smolensk NPP was launched in September 2017,…


Russian Independent Media Publish Investigation Linked to Journalist’s Arrest

Russia’s leading independent media have coordinated to publish journalist Ivan Golunov’s investigation into Moscow’s funeral mafia that his colleagues say was tied to his shock arrest last month. Golunov had reported receiving threats after beginning the investigation into the funeral business in February 2018. He reportedly filed a draft of the piece to Alexey Kovalev,…


TENEX Participates in International IAEA Conference

On June 24-28, a delegation comprising representatives of TENEX participated in the international conference “Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors – 2019” (Vienna, Austria), held under the slogan “Learning from the past, enabling the future” organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency.  The Company’s specialists presented reports on various aspects of the back-end…


ROSATOM will conduct research on Russian nuclear fuel materials in the Czech Republic

TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM and Czech research center Řež (Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o.; CVŘ) have signed an agreement on cooperation in   materials science studies and research.  On the grounds of the agreement, Czech scientists will provide experiments on irradiation of nuclear construction materials in the CVŘ research reactor and also accomplish pre-irradiation and…