Somewhat more distant than the above destinations, but still an ideal place for a day trip from St. Petersburg, Vyborg is an enchanting town just on the border between Finland and Russia. The town, lined with cobblestone streets, is filled with small gems: antique shops, medieval architecture, picturesque stone houses, and the Hermitage-Vyborg Center.

The main attraction of the town, the castle, dates back to the 13th century. Today, it serves as a local history museum. The castle’s only remaining tower, St. Olaf, offers a stunning view across the city.

After a 15-minute walk from the central station, you can immerse yourself in the woodlands and take a hike through Batareynaya mountain park, where you can find defensive fortifications from the 19th century, and an abandoned amusement park.

The town can be reached both by train and by bus. Buses are available every half-hour from Parnas metro station; trains depart 10 times a day from Finlyandsky Station.

Vyborg, Leningrad region