If you want to go back to the Soviet Union, take a trip to the former Exhibition of Achievements of the State Economy, or simply VDNKh. It began as a show of agricultural successes — think: State Fair only a thousand times bigger — and then became a permanent exhibition, opening in 1939 with hundreds of pavilions and exhibition halls done in the style of the Soviet republics. After the war it was expanded and remodeled and now included the famous fountains: The Friendship of Nations fountain with golden dancing girls from each of the Soviet republics, and the Stone Flower fountain, with its magnificent floral sprays. In recent years the older pavilions have been cleaned up and it is filled with exhibitions of art, aeronautics, history, and technology. Rent a bike, sit by a pond, play paint-ball, get a bite to eat (from kebabs to pho), watch some whales, or enjoy a concert. Be sure to see the grand Collective Farm Girl and Worker statue created by Vera Mukhina for the Paris World Fair in 1939, and check out the museum in the base.

Open: Territory open 24/7, most pavilions 10 a.m to 9 p.m.

Tickets: free admission

Prospekt Mira, 119