Chernoye Ozero Park

Chernoye Ozero (Black Lake) Park stands on a spot where a real lake used to be. But with time it turned into marshland and was filled in by the end of the 19th century. Today, the only water reservoir in the park is a small artificial pond. The park has been recently restored, and has an impressive “Lovers Arch” at one end. A circular wooden pergola was installed in the middle, as well as a few kiosks with food and drinks. Leaning over one side of the park is the well-known dilapidated constructivist building, known among the locals as Mergasovsky after the old name of the street it stands on. Prominent members of the local elite used to live here, and the whole building is covered with plaq


The republic’s government has promised to restore it to its former glory in the near future. Right next to Chernoye Ozero Park is another green area — Leninsky Sad (Lenin’s Garden), which has a fountain and more walking paths.

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Lyadsky Garden

Lyadsky Garden is a small park in the very center of Kazan. Founded in the late 18th century, the garden was where the first Kazan fountain was built. Shaped like a girl with a jug, the fountain celebrated the introduction of waterworks to the city. Destroyed later, it was recently restored in the middle of the park. The park is also famous for its proximity to a slum called Marusovka, where writer Maxim Gorky once rented a room; one of his best known plays, “The Lower Depths,” is partially based on his experiences there. Today, Marusovka is the name of an upscale restaurant in Lyadsky Garden.

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