Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Besides functioning as a museum that consistently earns international recognition for its often bold and inventive exhibitions, the Garage Museum of contemporary Art supports ambitious research, educational publishing and archiving programs.

On any given day, Garage hosts lectures, concerts, workshops and movies. With so many things going on, be sure to check out its website regularly to see what’s happening.

Exhibitions this winter include “The Fabric of Facility,” an international project that presents “clothes in art,” with a different view than that of the fashion industry. It focuses on the production cycles of raw materials, textiles and their modes of transport around the world. It is a study and re-discovery of global trade and influence. Special attention is paid to the Russian (and Soviet) context, though the exhibition features over 40 international artists.

Another exhibition this winter is “Damian Ortega. The Modern Garden.” Garage commissioned this large-scale installation by Ortega, a sculptor working in Mexico City. It comprises 30 sculptures constructed from commercial materials and logos as a study of the intersection between the corporate and artistic worlds, as well as the ability to recycle industrial materials into works of art.

Garage is presenting an exhibition of Belgian filmmaker and artist Marcel Broodthaers. He produced works that challenged and revolutionized how museums functioned. This exhibition features his early films and most famous installations, including “The Museum of Modern Art, Department of Eagles” and “Decors.” Broodthaers began his creative life as a poet, and his works accordingly explore the relationship between image and text.

9/32 Krymsky Val. Metro Park Kultury, Oktyabrskaya.