Anna Azbel

The Russian Museum presents the personal exhibition of the photographer Anna Azbel “Childhood Portrayed”.

Kid’s photography requires specific approach – not only technical skill, knowledge and good circumstances. In many respects, it demands sincerity, mutual trust and willingness of the photographer to experience the moment of collaboration with the child.

Performing genre scenes or creating portraits that reflect the individuality of the young model, his or her unique individual features, Anna Azbel skillfully builds the composition, renders light, set and costumes. Deeply understanding the bond between the surrounding setting and child’s feelings, she creates whole stories, full of mystery, serenity and frankness.

Anna’s kid’s portraits are usually rendered in various sense-feeling – tenderness, admiration, elegiac thoughtfulness. These genuine emotions evoked by these kids’ images coincide with one’s own grief over the childhood gone away.

Starting from the classical themes, Anna Azbel transforms them with her artistic will, emotionality and deep involvement into the idealistic and tender world of Childhood.

The exhibition in the Stroganov Palace will present around 70 photographs from the “Nepal”, “Provence”, “Toscana” series and several separate artworks.