If you’re afraid of the dark or somewhat claustrophobic, “Atlas VMayakovsky” is probably not the exhibition for you. But if you’re eager to embark on a journey, stumbling upon artifacts and making connections between the famous poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and the world of the avant-garde, this event may make the perfect night out.

“Atlas VMayakovsky” is being held at the Anna Golubkina Memorial Studio while the house museum is under construction. The installation is a collaboration of the Mayakovsky Museum, the Archive of Literature and Art and the Tretyakov Gallery, whose curators consulted with artists and philosophers to bring the intellectual world of Mayakovsky to life.

“At the heart of the project is an attempt to actualize the past and discover the connections within the diversity of the accidents that surround us,” reads the exhibition’s webpage. “‘Atlas’ is an attempt to map chaos.”

The event consists of an installation tour followed by a screening of the film “VMayakovsky,” directed by Alex Shein and shown only here. The tour comprises three consecutive exhibition halls within the old mansion, called “Ruins,” “Workshop-Laboratory” and “Archive-Reliquary.” Each section represents one aspect of Mayakovsky’s legacy: the artistic and political legacy he inherited, the intellectual world in which he engaged and the politicized way in which he is remembered.