ROSATOM and World Nuclear Association will host a roundtable of presentations and discussion to examine how we can deliver an energy system that can meet the aspirations of the world’s growing population and help achieve global long-term climate change objectives as part of the 11th ATOMEXPO International Forum in Sochi on April 15–16, 2019.

What are the challenges of establishing a 100% low carbon generation mix? Is there such a thing as a single “best possible” generation mix? If there are multiple options for decarbonization what point must strategies diverge? This panel will explore how to achieve a sustainable energy mix by combining nuclear energy with energy storage, hydrogen and other low carbon generation.

Panelists will describe their experiences of generating electricity in countries with nuclear energy as part of a low carbon mix today, as well as countries that are just beginning to include nuclear in their energy portfolio. The panel will also discuss how individual generation technologies can work together to achieve the optimal generation mix.

The roundtable will be attended by representatives of the World Energy Council, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Brazilian Association for the Development of Nuclear Activities (ABDAN), Think Atom, Rusatom Overseas etc. The discussion will be moderated by Jonathan Cobb, Senior Communication Manager, World Nuclear Association.

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The main topic for this year’s Forum is ‘Nuclear for better life’. For the first time in the history of the Forum, the business programme has been compiled by the International Programme Committee, which is made up of: Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency William Magwood, Director General of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) Agneta Rising, former Chairman of the World Association of Nuclear Operators Jacques Régaldo and former Director General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Luis E. Echávarri, among others. ATOMEXPO 2019 participants (heads of state structures, major companies and public organizations, as well as international experts) will discuss global issues in the development of carbon-free energy, a responsible approach to the environment and natural resources, green investments and international partnerships for sustainable development. Among the key topics at roundtables are: the non-energy application of nuclear and radiation technologies in industry, science, medicine and agriculture; digital solutions for infrastructure projects; knowledge management; and the development of human capital assets. A number of important documents are expected to be signed on the side-lines of the Forum, including agreements on strategic cooperation and partnership, commercial contracts and documents on the development of projects. The exhibition will feature a wide range of advanced nuclear technologies and new products, including products that are not related to the energy industry. The exhibition area will take up over 13,000 square metres. 

For more information about the Forum, please visit our website at, contact us by telephone or fax at: +7 (499) 922-89-95, or send us an email to the address: The event is operated by ATOMEXPO LLC.