Ex-Soviet leader Gorbachev puts his villa in Bavarian Alps up for sale

Ex-Soviet leader Gorbachev puts his villa in Bavarian Alps up for sale – media

The three-storey mansion with 17 rooms, built in 1908, was bought by Gorbachev’s only daughter Irina Virganskaya in 2006, according to Tegernseerstimme newspaper Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev has offered for sale his land plot and a mansion near Lake Tegernsee in the Bavarian Alps, German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung has reported. The Gorbachevs bought the…

Sevastopol may become world center of military history tourism, lawmaker says

Sevastopol may become world center of military history tourism, lawmaker says

The Crimean port city is home to ancient historical landmarks and military history monuments Sevastopol has the potential to turn into the world center of military history tourism, considering that the Crimean port city is home to ancient historical landmarks and military history monuments, Sevastopol legislature deputy Alexei Chaly told TASS on Monday. “I believe…


Three police officers

Police – the succession of generations and sculpture “The opening of this sculptural composition will be dedicated to May 9. Soon over bronze sculptures will be work masters. The sculpture depicts the policeman, Soviet policeman and modern police. It symbolizes the continuity of generations,” – said the press service of the Nizhny Novgorod police. “The…



The paper presents the analysis of the patent information about modification of composite materials by introducing functional complex additives and/-or nanoadditives. Inventions can be applied in building technologies in order to produce nanomodified composite materials on the basis of air and hydraulic binder substances, that will allow us to intensify considerably industrial production of nanomodified…



It’s quite impossible to imagine modern construction without concrete. Today the world volume of concrete being produced is more than 4 milliard of m3 per year. Concrete is used under different operational conditions, it is ecologically friendly material and it has unlimited source of raw materials and comparatively low cost. One should also mention its…


Housing construction

Housing construction as activities for providing people with normal living conditions, plays an important role in economy of separately taken region and country in general. The construction industry is one of the few branches of a national economy having strong multiplicative effect. By estimates of the Ministry, the greatest volumes of construction of housing in…


Outdoor sun house.

House of the rising sun. The Sunrise project draws attention to the unusual geometry of the roof. Design: Albert Haus Optimally oriented to the cardinal directions, the whole house, including built-in winter garden, is a kind of “trap” for the sun. Thanks to the good insulation of exterior walls, the use of the house followed…


Know – how in a wooden house.

Experience and know-how. Design and construction: HirsiSet. House-building company HirsiSet joined in the technology of its production old carpentry tradition and latest achievements, a kind of know-how and technological progress. This allows the planning of each new home to the smallest detail to consider any suggestions for future homeowners. Used building material – high-quality wood…


Wood and contemporary forms.

  Design: Finla-Hous.   Wood as a building material offers a great variety of architectural solutions, which demonstrates the draft, having the characteristic features of modern architecture, and this applies not only to the external aesthetics. Such method provides, in addition, and rational use of solar energy. Wide roof overhangs provide shade in the summer…


Elegant house

Modest and elegant Design and construction: Honka The dream of a luxurious in every way home today may well be embodied in the form of the structure of round logs. Modern architecture allows us to give a charm even the most massive home, which confirms, for example, the draft Hans Stemple. Triangular skylights enliven his…


Stylish house.

The project is a country house on Rublevsky highway was created for business and purposeful man, leading an active lifestyle. This is a small wooden house to chat with friends and business negotiations in an informal atmosphere. The builders and architects had to do from a bar is not the house, and a modern stylish…


For a wooden house

wooden house.

During the construction and operation of the interior of a wooden house should be noted that wood harmonizes with such interior and construction materials such as:

– Ceramic tiles;
– Porcelain tiles (ceramic-granite)
– Natural stone
– All types of mosaic;
– Forged products;
– Agglomerated marble countertops.

House for a large family.

Design and construction: Honka. Large-area home for generations extended family. It has a separate apartment, which comfortably accommodate adult children or elderly parents. In every part of the house’s own kitchen, bathroom, WC; on the second floor there are four spacious bedrooms. 1 floor plan Plan 2 floors Total area – 284.0 m² 1 floor…


House in rustic style.

Design and construction: Sonnletner The desire to create an individual look of wooden houses has led architects to search for the original plastic expression. Village character, common to almost all wooden buildings of rural type, in this case emphasize the combination of different methods of construction and the combination of finishing materials. The entire second…


Small castle in the woods

Design: Nurmi Very unusual project «Ekhamar». First of all, he refutes the notion that the shield house should be simple and rough. Glazed gable, exquisite colors and different shapes of windows give the project like a small castle. The house is situated on a hillside, and this allowed efficient use of its ground floor. Here…


Completely wooden house.

Recipe from time immemorial. The house, built entirely of wood, as in fact it has been for centuries, and today attracts attention, despite the abundance of technical capacity and a wide range of modern construction technology, and looks very attractive. Design and construction: Fullwood Presented project «Saaletraum» firm Fullwood (Germany), made of durable glued beam…


Wooden house on an uneven surface.

Wooden house

Massive porch of the big logs.

porch of the big logs.

Carved crocodile as an element of decor.

Carved crocodile as an element of decor.

A wooden staircase in a wooden house.

A wooden staircase in a wooden house.

Inside the log houses.

Inside the houses

Log house on a low base.

Log house

Roof lining in a wooden house.

Roof lining in a wooden house

Around just nature.

  Design and construction: Skandima   Built on an individual project, this wooden house meets all the requirements of ecological construction. Lumber walls perfectly regulate humidity in the room. This creates prerequisites for the formation of a healthy microclimate in the house, which is especially important for people suffering from allergies and respiratory diseases. All…


House for ages

Treasure for the ages. Good looking and very comfortable house, built by the firm Lindal, allowed the family to carry out long-held dream – to live in a wooden house, where the stuff would have found a comfortable refuge cherished by many generations of families of different vintage items, without disturbing your neighborhood quite modern…


Yellow wooden house.

The island of warmth and tranquility. Following the ancient traditions and building on the achievements of modern technology, about 20 years ago, the company’s specialists Lapponia House (Finland) has set itself the task to create a design that would prevent shrinkage and distortions walls, and cracks in the wood, but keeping all advantages of a…


Russian manor

Your estate Surrounded by olive trees, the house (company Honka) built in the best traditions of this Russian country estate, uniting in a single architectural whole lot of buildings for various purposes. In this case, all these buildings of different heights under different roofs also like together in a massive three-storey building. A wide staircase…


The house on the slope.

Considerable elevation on the site, intended for building a house, at first grieved his future owners, but the architects have dispelled their concerns; having vast experience in the design, they knew themselves, and managed to convince customers that these professionals are quite capable disadvantages to draw in dignity. In the end, thanks to the creative…


Home from bars

from bars

Home for a young family

House-building company Honka has developed a series of small and inexpensive beam houses, designed especially for young families. When this future homeowners can individually choose their layout. The presented project is one of a series of houses for young families – constructed from bars. It is stylized as a rural house, but at the same…


The house – boat.

Home”ship” with ocean views – what could be more romantic?.. This image appeared in the discussion of the project architect and the client, and immediately found the approval of both. House of red cedar and really similar to the glittering lights of the ocean liner. Design and construction: Lindal Special patented design Lindal homes allowed…


House with soul

The country house has really become a favorite place of residence of their owners, in which they spend much more time than in their city apartment. The original situation was as follows. Customers are energetic, modern people, one day realized that they just need a holiday home for the soul”, that is designed exclusively for…


Well-lit log house.

log house


The Cathedral of the Dormition (Uspensky Cathedral) is a Cathedral of the Smolensk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. Located in the Central part of the city of Smolensk on the Cathedral hill. Erected in memory of the heroic defense of Smolensk 1609-1611 years in place of the same Cathedral of the XII century. The…


Solar architecture

Thanks to the large Windows with thin covers in the house is always full of light. Natural finish wooden panelling creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Against this background look good richer tone furniture Solar architecture of wooden houses Design and construction:Skcan-Domo The basis of the architectural composition of this house is a dynamic…


European wooden house

“Dutch portrait” Russian house. What creative accomplishments inspires our reality foreign architects – many find to be interesting and relevant. House, created by Dutch architect and his Russian counterpart, is interesting because being performed by the ancient Russian tradition of wood and in the midst of this ancient forest, he at the same time clearly…


Fabulous house.

Sketch “Fairy houses”. As led since the beginning… This house is thin and tart smell of wood. Resin solar tear down planed logs, and with dark icons looks pervasive gaze of the light image of the virgin. Comfort, warmth of natural wood, crackling wood in the fireplace. And outside – spruce and pine…   Carved…


The triumph of the tree.

Wooden house most people associate with the holidays, creates a feeling of relaxation and romance. However, some still tend to believe that in such houses, it is difficult to create comfort, conforming to modern requirements. All this in the past: today, wood built a comfortable home, living in which you myself not to infringe. >…


The dream of wooden house

History about your project Alexey Vasiliev started from afar. Thoughts about wooden house, about the history and philosophy of building with timber, Russian and Finnish architectural traditions, smoothly flowing and clinging to each other, stop and find their confirmation in an individual building, a small two-story wooden house with an outdoor terrace. It all started…


View of the lower part of Nizhny Novgorod.

lower part of Nizhny Novgorod.

Panorama Of Nizhny Novgorod.

Panorama  Nizhny Novgorod.

Classic framing

Attractive project based on an old design, demonstrates how modern can look classic framing.   Design and construction: Platx Haus Interier homes are filled with ease.   The South facade of the house is almost completely glazed. In combination with large glass surfaces bearing wooden structures look quite gracefully Wide roof overhangs protect the house…


Philosophy home

  Suffering from types of surface asphalt urban boxes and industrial communities, people are out of town, closer to the idiots, winding paths and low timbered houses. Art outline of this building – the way old warm home – revealed gradually and wonderfully combines modern urban and village.   Area with potted plants in the…


Cozy home.

In this house you can fall in love at first sight. He is handsome genuine simple beauty and discreetly elegant. It is reliable and durable as granite rock. He has a good and obedient nature, and it is cozy and quiet with all its inhabitants.   The firm Lapponia House – Finnish, so its specialists,…


House with a lean-to roof.

Externally, the house immediately attracts attention with its lean-to roof. In combination with green window frames, a variety of facades [vertical posts, horizontal wood paneling that gives the house a rather striking appearance.     Design: VomaBioBau   The first floor looks transparent because a large living room separated from the kitchen and from the…



Those who wish to get their own house in the suburbs increasingly prefer luxury mansions, modest Chalet (Chalet – (FR. chalet), in the Alps is a small rural house in Swiss style. Small cottage (foreign)Iskhodno the word Chalet means “shepherd’s hut”. In addition, the Chalet is in a romantic parks of the XVIII century garden…


Simple wooden home

A simple form of comfort Several thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese sages said: if a man does not struggle with nature and live in harmony with it, the quality of life is significantly improved. They found also that the most beneficial life in the house, which faces to the sun, protected from all troubles…


The cabin in the woods

Design and construction of Honka So we can formulate the credo of those who love the atmosphere of log houses. They will never agree with skeptics who believe chopped house is outdated, as for stressed city dweller so natural dwelling, surrounded by flowery gardens and century-old forest behind it, is simply a Paradise on earth.…