Emperor Alexander II in his study

Alexander II in the battlefield.

The Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878. Alexander II in the battlefield.
The Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878

Coronation of Alexander II.

Coronation of Alexander II in the Dormition Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. 1856
in the Dormition Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin

V.A. Zhukovsky.

The upbringing of the Grand Duke. V.A. Zhukovsky and the successor to the throne (Alexander II)

Reproduction of the portrait “Emperor Alexander II is a liberator of the Christians in the East”

Reproduction of the portrait “Emperor Alexander II is a liberator of the Christians in the East”. A cheap popular prim. Chromolithograph. The Museum of the Russian Literature Institute in Saint Petersburg. Alexander II is Emperor of Russia. His reign was marked by a number of reforms which touched on nearly all units of state power,…


As the Pike Wills. A. Tolstoi

And the Pike implored again: “Emelya, let me go
into the water, and I’ll do anything you wish”.
“All right, only first you must prove you aren’t
trying to fool me, then I’ll let you go”.

As the Pike Wills (after A. Tolstoi)

К. Briullov (1799—1852) О. Fersen Riding a Donkey

К. Briullov (1799—1852) О. Fersen Riding a Donkey. 1835 Water-colour. 52.5×40 cm The Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

In Russian literature.

In Russian literature, too, we find very characteristic and vivid examples of such creativity. There are the sophisticated baroque work of Simeon of Polotsk and the political caricatures of Archpriest Avvakum (seventeenth century); the monumental mosaic compositions of Lomonosov (eighteenth century); the romantic landscapes of Zhukovsky and Baratynsky; the elegiac landscapes of Batyushkov; Gogol’s architectural…


Rudolf Nureyev

Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev were the star-crossed lovers in Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet during the Royal Ballet’s tour of the United States.

P. Tchaikovsky. Firt Symphony, in G Minor, Entitled “Winter dreams” (Op. 13)

The First Symphony, begun in March of 1866, was done anew by the composers twice. In this new (already third!) editing “Winter Dreams” was soon presented to the Moscow audience. Its premiere was given by the Russian Musical Society on February 3, 1868, under the baton of N. Rubinstein. “…The performance signified Tchaikovsky’s first outstanding…


Still Life with a Chocolate Mill.

Juan tie Zurharan. 1598—1664. Spanish school. 1640. Oil on canvas. 48X75 cm

Portrait of Lazare Hoche.

Jacques-Louis David. 1748—1825. French school. 1793(?). Oil on canvas. 61X50 cm

Portrait of the Infanta Margarila.

Diego Velazquez. 1599—1660. Spanish school. 1659-60. Oil on canvas. 80X62 5 cm.

Ganesa (god of wisdom).

20th century. India. Carved wood. Height, 40 cm

Wang Iting.

1869—1938. China. Renunciation of Vanity. 1924 Hanging scroll

The Nativity of Buddha.

19th century. Tibet. Tempera on textile. 60X44 cm

Buddha Preaching.

18th century. Japan. Wood, gold lacquer. Height, 15 cm

Prince’s helmet inlaid with gold.

19th century. Persia. Metal. Height, 33 cm

Stand for a flower vase.

19th century. India. Carved mahogany. Height, 94 cm

Sarasvati (goddess of eloquence).

20th century. India. Carved ivory. Height, 33.5 cm

Three gods: Fu-hsing (god of happiness), Lu-hsing (god of salaries) and Shou-lao (god of longevity).

19th century. China. Emroidery. 190X130 cm

Carved armchair.

19th century. China. Rosewood. 115X50 cm (back); 60X51 cm (seat)

Guardian deity.

16th century. China. Bronze. Height, 55 cm

Buddhist lion.

19th century. China. Bronze. 121X122 cm

Battle of the Iranians and Turanians in the Reign of Kay Khosrau.

Illustration for the Shah-nаmа by Firdausi. 18th century.

Ardashir of Persia Murdering Artabanus V, King of Parthia.

Illustration for the Shah-nama by Firdausi. 18th century Persia. Miniature. 20.5X11.5 cm; 31X19.5 cm. (including the frame).

Tile: King’s Hunt.

18th century. Persia. Faience. Height, 3 cm. Diameter, 56 cm.


Snuff-box. 18th century. China. Jade. Height, 6.8 cm.

Bodhisattva Maitreya.

19th century. Tibet. Gilded bronze. 30X10 cm.

Ship with Treasure.

18th century. Japan. Carved ivory. Height, 53 cm. Length, 45 cm.


17th century. China. Porcelain painted in cobalt blue. 23.4X85 cm.


18th century. China. Porcelain decorated with painting. Height, 6.5 cm. Diameter, 37.5 cm.

Monkey Plucking Berries.

Mori Morikata Sosen. 1747—1821. Japan. 181X57 cm.

Woodcut from the album Birds.

Kitagawa Utamaro. 1753—1806. Japan. 1789. Xylograph. 25.5X38.5 cm.

Falcon on a Pine.

Anonymous artist of the Капо school. 18th or 19th century. Japan. Hanging scroll. 175X100 cm.


After a model by Pablo Picasso (1881 — 1971). France. Porcelain, painted in enamel. Diameter, 25 cm.


Cesare Zocchi. 1851—1922. Italy. Marble. Height, 73 cm

Portrait of an Unknown Woman.

Robert Cauer the Elder. 1831 — 1893. Germany. 1864 Marble. Height, 72 cm.

Sheep and Lamb.

Pierre-Jules Mene. 1810—1879. France. Sheep and Lamb Bronze. Height, 14 cm.

Girl with a Dove.

L. Marchand. Active in the latter part of the 19th century. France. Bronze. Height, 38.5 cm.


Plate. 1806. Vienna, Austria. Porcelain, with polychrome and lustre painting. Diameter, 24.5 cm Mark in underglaze blue: shield.


19th century. After a 1772 model by Wilhelm Christian. Meyer, Berlin, Germany Porcelain decorated with painting. Height, 23.5 cm. Mark in underglaze blue: sceptre.