In the Garden.

Gaston de La Touche. 1854—1913. France. 1898 Oil on panel. 59X60 cm.

Two Nudes.

Edmond Francois Aman-Jean. 1860—1935. France. Pastel. 54X46 cm


Charles Cottet. 1863—1925. France. Oil on canvas. 74X118 cm.

Favourite Nook.

Jacques Francois Dresa. 1869—1929. France. Oil on cardboard. 58X42.8 cm

Mother and Child. Study for the Virgin Mary and Child.

Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret. 1852—1929. France. Oil on panel. 21.5X25.5 cm.

Rural Scene.

Victor Jean Binet. 1849—1909. France. Oil on canvas. 71.5X60.6 cm

Mother and Child.

Mihaly Munkacsy. 1844—1909. Hungary. Oil on canvas. 59X48 cm.


Fritz Thaulow. 1847—1906. Norway. Oil on canvas. 81X66 cm.


Fritz Thaulow. 1847—1906. Norway. Oil on canvas. 64X81 cm.

The Virgin and Child.

Albert Edelfelt. 1854—1905. Finland. 1903 Oil on canvas. 73X56 cm.

Military Parade.

Frants Peler Didrik Henningsen. 1850—1908. Denmark. 1892. Oil on canvas. 55X85.3 cm.

Young Man before the Mirror.

Christoffel Bisschop. 1828—1904. Holland. Oil on panel. 30X23 cm.

Saul and David.

Josef Israels. 1824—1911. Holland. Water-colour. 57X83 cm.

The Light.

Gabriel Cornelius von Max. 1840—1915. Germany. Oil on panel. 95.5X80.5 cm.

Sunny Day.

Emile Claus. 1849— after 1912. Belgium. Oil on canvas. 65X81 cm.

Carters’ Fight.

Jules Marie Alexis Muenier. 1863 — ?. Belgium. Oil on canvas. 118X116 cm.


Isidore Verheyden. 1846—1905. Belgium. 1876. Oil on canvas. 110X174 cm.

Scene in the Park.

Hendrick Frans Schaefels. 1827—1904. Belgium. 1853 Oil on canvas. 66X57 cm.

Hainan and Mordecai.

Paul Leroy. Active in the latter part. of the 19th century. France. 1884. Oil on canvas. 251X383 cm.

Oriental Landscape.

Victor Pierre Huguet. 1835—1902. France. Oil on canvas. 41X61 cm.


Charles-Francois Daubigny. 1817—1878 France. Oil on panel. 13.4X21.8 cm

In the Park.

Victor Lucien Guirand de Scevola. 1871 — 1950. France. Water-color. 50X61 cm.


Charles Leickert. 1818—1907. Belgium. Oil on panel. 14.8X18.9 cm.

Old Woman Playing the Kantele.

Albert Edelfelt. 1854—1905. Finland. 1893 Oil on canvas. 48.5X64.5 cm.

Courtyard with Caryatids.

Alois Schon. 1826—1897. Austria. Oil on canvas. 98X74 cm.

Gifts of the Earth.

Hans Makart. 1840—1884. Austria. Oil on canvas. 50X75.5 cm

Portrait of a Lady.

Domenico Morelli. 1826—1901. Italy. 1875 Oil on canvas. 110X85 cm.

Portrait of a Girl.

Enrico Arcioni. 1875—?. Italy. Pastel on canvas. 150X74.5 cm

Sunday Morning.

Wilhelm Pfeiffer.  1822—1891. Germany. Oil on canvas. 56.5X44 cm.

Winter Scene.

Andreas Achenbach.  1815—1910. Germany. Oil on panel. 63X86 cm.

Landscape with a Rider.

Anonymous artist active in the 19th century. Germany. Oil on panel. 19.5X17.7 cm.

Mother and Child.

Fritz Zuber-Buhler. 1822—1896. Germany. 53.8X44.9 cm.

Merry Party.

Daniel  Nikolaus Chodowiecki.   1726—1801. Germany. Oil on canvas. 145X97 cm.

Portrait of a Woman.

Anonymous artist active in the 19th century. Germany.  Water-color on ivory. 8.6X6.5 cm.

Portrait of a Woman.

Anonymous artist active in the 19th century. Germany. Water-color on ivory. 8.6X6.5 cm.

Portrait of Mikhail Vorontsov.

Thomas Lawrence. 1769—1830. England. Oil on canvas. 137.9X106.8 cm.

House in Nimes.

Hubert Robert. 1733—1808. France.  1783. Oil on canvas. 112X141 cm.

Portrait of Jose de Ribas.

Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder. 1751 — 1830. Austria. Oil on canvas. 70X60 cm.

Mother and Child.

Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder. 1751 — 1830. Austria. Oil on canvas. 73X55 cm.

Eleazar and Rebecca.

Anonymous artist active in the 18th century. Italy. Oil on canvas. 124X171 cm.


Claude-Joseph Vernet. 1714—1789. France. Oil on canvas. 112X160 cm.

Grand Canal in Venice.

Francesco Guardi. 1712—1793. Italy. Oil on canvas. 51.5X71.5 cm.

Venus and Cupid.

Pompeo (Girolamo) Batoni. 1708—1787. Italy.  1785 Oil on canvas. 135X99 cm.

Sketch for ceiling decoration.

Francesco de Мurа.  1696—1782. Italy. Oil on canvas. 125X84 cm.

Saint Jerome.

Alessandro Magnasco. 1667—1749. Italy. Oil on canvas. 99X74 cm.

Monks Shaving.

Alessandro Magnasco. 1667—1749. Italy. Oil on canvas. 99X73 cm.


Alessandro Magnasco. 1667—1749. Italy. Oil on canvas. 119.5X149.5 cm.

Landscape with Figures.

Alessandro Magnasco.  1667—1749. Italy. Oil on canvas. 91.2XH7.9 cm.

Penitent Magdalene.

Alessandro Magnasco. 1667—1749. Italy.Oil on canvas. 68X54.5 cm.


Gaetano Martoriello. 1670—1720. Italy. Oil on canvas. 102X178 cm.

Apollo the Shepherd.

Dirk Dalens the Elder. 1600—1676. Holland. Oil on panel. 43X75 cm


Marco Ricci. 1676—1729. Italy. Oil on canvas. 57X71 cm.

Sea Battle.

Lucas Smout the Younger.  1671 — 1713. Flanders. Oil on canvas. 59X69 cm.


Wigerus Vitringa.  1657—1725. Holland. Oil on panel. 51X89 cm.

Dead Game and Fruit.

Pieter Boel. 1622—1675. Flanders. Oil on canvas. 61.5X81 cm.

Man Smoking a Pipe.

David Teniers the Younger. 1610—1690. Flanders. Oil on panel. 15X11.5 cm

Abraham Entertaining the Three Angels.

Hendrick Mommers.  1623—1693. Holland. 1651. Oil on canvas. 98.5X131 cm.


Daniel van Heil. 1604—1662. Flanders. Oil on panel. 45X62.5 cm.

Still Life.

Cornelius de Heem.  1631 —1695. Holland. Oil on canvas. 59X82 cm.

Portrait of a Soldier.

Anonymous artist active in the 17th century, Holland, Oil on canvas. 91X70 cm.