Russian wooden house

wooden house



The Volga River

The Volga River is the longest river in Europe, about 2,300 miles (3,700 km). It originates at an elevation of only 740 feet (225 m) in the Valday Hills northwest of Moscow, connects with the Rybinsk Reservoir. The river heads east past Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. From there it turns south past Samara and…


The Volga is the largest river in Europe.

the largest river in  Europe

The largest river in Europe.

Mussa Jalill

POETRY OF TRUTH AND PASSION Jalil never kept a diary. “I don’t feel inclined to and I cannot and will not make myself keep one,” he once said. But when he left Kazan for the frontlines early in 1942, he felt an urge to entrust his feelings and thoughts to paper. The result, as he…


The Alvdalen porphyry vase.

 The Summer Gardens

Saint Petersburg.   The  Summer Gardens The Alvdalen porphyry vase.  1839

The Summer Gardens The Rossi walk

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg.  The  Summer  Gardens The  Rossi  walk

The Summer Gardens The Neva walk

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg. The Summer Gardens The Neva walk

The Summer Gardens Main avenue

Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg. The   Summer  Gardens Main  avenue

The Summer Gardens Sculptor: P. Baratta. “Peace and Abundance”. 1722

Saint Petersburg. The Summer Gardens

Saint Petersburg.  The Summer Gardens Sculptor: P.  Baratta. “Peace and Abundance”. 1722

The Summer Gardens Small gates of the railings on the Neva side

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg.  The Summer Gardens Small  gates of the railings on the Neva  side

The Swan Canal

The Summer Gardens

Saint Petersburg. The Summer Gardens The Swan Canal

Upper Swan Bridge

The Summer Gardens

Saint Petersburg.   The   Summer  Gardens Upper Swan Bridge

The Summer Gardens Statues adorning the walks

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg.   The   Summer  Gardens Statues  adorning  the  walks

The Summer Gardens

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg. The Summer Gardens

Y. Velten and P. Yegorov The grille on the Neva side. 1784

 The Summer Gardens Architects

Saint Petersburg. The  Summer   Gardens Architects: Y. Velten and  P. Yegorov The grille on the Neva side. 1784


Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg.   The  Summer  Gardens Autumn

View of the Coffee-house from the Fontanka River

The Summer Gardens

Saint Petersburg.  The Summer Gardens View  of  the  Coffee-house from  the Fontanka River

C. Rossi. The Coffee-house

Rossi Pavilion

Saint Petersburg. The Summer Gardens Architect:C. Rossi. The Coffee-house  (the Rossi  Pavilion). 1826

Statues of the main avenue

The Summer Gardens

Saint Petersburg. The Summer  Gardens Statues of the main  avenue

The Summer Gardens Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Saint Petersburg.   The   Summer  Gardens Autumn  leaves

Moscow Cat Circus

Moscow Cat Theatre (or Cat Circus) generates vitality and optimism, it helps children to grow up to be kind adults, who treat cats and every living being on our beloved planet with care and respect.


Kherson There are two such trips: one to the port town of Kherson, and the other to the town of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. The Service Bureau in your hotel will be glad to make the arrangements. Depending on the time at your disposal the trip can be arranged for one, two or three days (with a night…


Yacht Club

The beach, more than one kilometre long and 35-40 metres wide occupies a territory of almost 400,000 sq. m. It is excellently equipped both for adults and children. For the children there is a playground with swings, etc., and for the adults, a variety of sports facilities including basketball and volleyball courts and a football…


Alley of Glory

The Alleya Slavy (Alley of Glory) From the Arcade, following an alley along the sea, which remains to our left, we reach Aleya Slavy (the Alley of Glory), which holds a special place in the park. A memorial complex was unveiled here on April 10th, 1964, on the twentieth anniversary of the Liberation of Odessa.…


Shevchenko Park

From the start of the century the park near the centre of the city overlooking the sea has been a favourite spot with the people of Odessa and visitors to the city. The main entrance is from Ulitsa Engelsa (Engels St.). It is a ten minute walk from the centre, i.e. from the Hotel Krasnaya.…


Automatic long-distance phone calls

Abakan 3902 Archangel 8132.818 Anadyr. 42722 Astrakhan 8512 Barnaul 3852 Baikonur 33 622 Belgorod 4722 Birobidzhan 42 622 Blagoveshchensk 4162 Bryansk 4832 Veliky Novgorod 8162.81622 Beijing 4232 Vladikavkaz 8672 Vladimir 4922 Volgograd 8442 Vologda 8172 Voronezh 4732 Gorno-Altaisk 38N22 Grozny 8712 Yekaterinburg 343 Ivanovo 4932.493 Izhevsk 3412 Irkutsk 3952 Yoshkar-Ola 8362 Kazan 843 Kaliningrad 4012…



1.  Sea Terminal 2.  Potemkin Stairway3.  Opera and Ballet Theatre 4.  Chernomorets Stadium 5.  Arcade 6.  Open-Air Theatre 7.  Railway Station 8.  Odessa Film Studios 9.  Hotel Arkadiya 10.  Hotel Tourist 11.  Restaurant Clechik 12.  Yacht Club 13.  Sports Palace 14.  Musical Comedy Theatre 15.  Army Sports Club Stadium 16.  Lermontov Resort 17.  Sanatorium Ukraina…


Research Institute

The Filatov Scientific Research Institute House No. 49/51 on the right-hand side of the street belongs to the Odessa Research Institute of Eye Dis­eases and Tissue Therapy founded in 1936. It bears the name of Academician Vladimir Filatov (1875-1956), the eminent Soviet ophthalmologist, known as a great fighter against blindness by his grateful patients from…


The Arkadiya

The fathers of Odessa chose this name for this lovely spot on the coast hoping it would help make it a success as a holiday resort. They were not mistaken. Private villas, restaurants and other holiday facilities were soon built. After the revolution it was developed as a health resort and is now one of…


Odessa National Polytechnic University

Odessa National Polytechnic University. Its numerous buildings form a single architectural ensemble. The simplicity of style, laconic architectural forms and spacing of the buildings, interconnected by galleries, make it a pleasant sight. The facade of the right wing of the laboratory building is decorated with a panel of forged aluminium, symbolising scientific and technical progress.…


The Health Resort District Arkadiya

The Health Resort District Arkadiya Privokzalnaya Ploshchad—Prospekt Shevchenko—Ploshchad Desyatogo Aprelya—Arkadiya—Ulitsa Pionerskaya— Proletarskiy Bulvar—Ulitsa Chizhikova-Privokzalnaya Ploshchad. This excursion to the oldest health-resort district Arkadiya (Arcadia) is best begun from Privokzalnaya Ploshchad (Railway Station Square). Take the No.7 trolleybus (the stop is on the left-hand side of the station, if you are facing it) and ride to…


Hotel Chernoye More

Intourist hotel Chernoye More (Black Sea), house No. 59, opened in 1972, which can accommodate 360 visitors; and the twelve-storey Odessa Centre of Scientific and Technical Information and Propaganda (No. 28), built in 1980. The school building (No. 22) with a bas-relief of Lenin on its facade, was rebuilt in recent years and adds to…


Railway station

Odessa Railway station