Russia Finalizes ‘Revolutionary’ Dual Citizenship Bill – Kommersant

Russian lawmakers expect to vote on legislation that would allow dual Russian citizenship for foreigners as soon as this month, the Kommersant business daily reported Friday. Under current Russian law, foreigners wishing to become Russian citizens must first renounce their other citizenships. Authors of the bill expect the new amendments relaxing these rules to help…


Half of Moscow’s Luxury Suburb Linked to Russia’s Elite – Proekt

Nearly half the landowners in Moscow’s luxury suburb of Rublyovka are linked to Russia’s ruling elite, the Proekt news website has said in a massive investigation published Thursday. Altogether, it said the 800 Kremlin functionaries, governors and mayors own an estimated 1.3 trillion rubles ($20.75 billion) in properties dotting the Rublyovo-Uspenskoye Highway in western Moscow.…


Russia Proposes Internet Ecosystem to Protect Users From ‘Foreign Influence’ – Report

Russia’s state-controlled telecommunications provider is proposing a 260-billion-ruble ($4.1 billion) online ecosystem to “protect users from foreign influence,” the Kommersant business daily reported Wednesday. Rostelecom’s so-called roadmap reportedly envisions the creation of state-run messengers, gaming services, browsers and operating systems. The telecom provider’s ambitious proposal also includes state-controlled content recommendation systems and speech and gesture…


Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod wins prize at international talent competition

Background Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom that delivers natural gas to 15 regions in the Volga and Central Federal Districts of the Russian Federation. The company’s gas transmission system is composed of trunklines stretching for over 13,000 kilometers. Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod operates 54 compressor workshops, 284 gas compressor units, 371 gas distribution stations, 2 mobile CNG refuelers, and 4 gas refueling modules located at gas…


ROSATOM held training course for Egyptian specialists at Russian Kursk NPP-2 ongoing project

Within the scope of EPC contract for El Dabaa NPP construction in Egypt specialists of Kursk Branch of JSC ASE EC provided to the Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA) representatives information on Russian practice of the construction supervision during construction of Kursk NPP-2.  Amongst other things, as part of the first stage of training Egyptian…


Board of Directors reviews annual General Shareholders Meeting related issues

Release February 4, 2020, 17:00 General Shareholders Meeting to be held on June 26, 2020, in St. Petersburg. Lists of nominees approved for Board of Directors and Audit Commission. The Company’s Board of Directors resolved to hold the annual General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom on June 26, 2020, in St. Petersburg. The list of persons entitled to participate in the Shareholders Meeting will be drawn up on the basis of Gazprom’s Register of Shareholders at the end…


Sociologist Teodor Shanin Dies at 89

Teodor Shanin, a renowned scholar and president of the Moscow School for the Social and Economic Sciences  — “Shaninka” —  died on Tuesday in Moscow.  Shanin, 89, was credited as the originator of peasant studies, a field which combines sociology, economics, history, and other academic disciplines to form a comprehensive understanding of modern peasant lives. …


Dali’s Magic Art in Moscow

“Salvador Dali: Magic Art” at Manege Central Exhibition Hall is the first comprehensive exhibition of the famous Spaniard in Russia. The Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg and “The Link of Times” Foundation (both belong to billionaire Viktor Vekselberg) brought to Moscow more than 180 works from different periods of Dali’s life — not just his…


Russian World Champion Delivers Food to Raise Money for Tokyo Paralympics

A world paratriathlon champion from Russia has started working as a food delivery courier to raise money to compete in the 2020 Paralympics after regional sports officials allegedly failed to provide financial assistance, Russian media reported Monday. Mikhail Astashov, 31, won the 2019 Paratriathlon World Cup. In November, Astashov told fellow athlete and newly minted…


Rosneft Joins Leading Oil and Gas Companies in the Global CDP Climate Change Rating

Rosneft Oil Company joined the leading global oil and gas companies – participants of the global CDP (formerly, Carbon Disclosure Project) Climate Change Rating.

Rosneft Becomes a Constituent of FTSE4Good Stock Index Leading on Core Sustainability Metrics

FTSE Russell, the analytic branch of the London Stock Exchange, has included Rosneft Oil Company in the international FTSE4Good Emerging Index.

Russian Cities See Hottest January in Recorded History

Update: January temperatures across all of Russia were the second-hottest in the country’s recorded history, the Federal Meteorological Service said Wednesday. Scores of cities across Russia including Moscow and St. Petersburg have experienced the hottest January in their recorded histories, an official at Russia’s meteorological center said Monday. The latest record comes after 2019 was declared…