Russia’s Recon Drone Takes Off as Military Touts 24-Hour Flight Time

The Russian military has unveiled footage of a reconnaissance drone, which it claims can fly for over 24 hours, performing its first flight. Previous reporting has suggested that Russia’s long-endurance armed drone project had been beset by cost overruns and delays. Russia’s Altius-U boasts an “entire spectrum of reconnaissance tasks using optical, radio and radar…


Russia Fines CNN Broadcaster for Volume Violations

Russia’s federal anti-monopoly service FAS said on Tuesday it fined a media group that broadcasts CNN International in Russia 200,000 rubles ($3,000) for breaking volume regulations in its programming.

The fine was imposed on Monday, FAS said on its website.

130K Troops to Hold Mass Military Drills at War Games, Russia Announces

Russia and seven of its allies, including China and India, will send 128,000 soldiers to train in mass anti-terrorism drills next month, the country’s Defense Ministry has announced. The upcoming maneuvers will take place a year after Russia and China staged 300,000-strong anti-missile exercises near the Chinese border. Those exercises, which were Russia’s largest war…


Sailing Into the Past in Lipetsk

Flags flutter above linen tents, musicians play ancient melodies on old musical instruments, craftsmen peddle their wares… This might look like the film set for the latest television series, but it’s actually a historical reenactment festival called Ladeinoye Pole that has been held every year since 2007 in the Lipetsk region, about 500 kilometers to…


Russia’s Norilsk Tops Global List of SO2 Emissions Hot Spots – NASA

Russia’s Norilsk smelter complex and a town in South Africa’s eastern coal mining province have the highest sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions in the world, according to satellite data from U.S. space agency NASA. The NASA-compiled data published on Monday was commissioned by environmental group Greenpeace India and used the space authority’s satellites to track anthropogenic…


1 in 5 Russians Are Gamers, Poll Says

Nearly one in five Russians plays video games, according to a new state-funded survey. Research says that Russia has the world’s sixth-largest video game market, with 66.1 million gamers counted in 2018. Previous polling has said that most Russians prefer to spend their free time watching movies and television. Nineteen percent of Russian respondents said they…


Pro-Moscow Rebels Reject Evidence of Russian Tanks in Eastern Ukraine

Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine have rejected newly published evidence of Russia’s military involvement in one of the deadliest battles of Ukraine’s five-year conflict. The battle of Ilovaysk, which pitted Ukrainian forces against Russian-backed rebels in August 2014, resulted in hundreds of deaths on both sides. Russia has consistently denied that it has provided arms or…


Moscow Protest Leaders Sued for $190K Over Blocked Traffic Claims

Two of Moscow’s transportation authorities and a restaurant owner are seeking nearly $200,000 in damages from opposition figures over alleged traffic disruptions and lost revenue during protests they organized last month, Moscow City Court said Friday. Thousands took to the streets and hundreds were detained on July 27 during unauthorized demonstrations in support of candidates…


ROSATOM files an application for the participation in the procedure for selection a strategic investor for the Belene NPP (Bulgaria) construction

ROSATOM files an application for the participation in the procedure for selection a strategic investor for the Belene nuclear power plant construction  Under the procedure for selection of a strategic investor for Belene NPP project (Bulgaria), announced on May 22, 2019, ROSATOM filed an application for the participation in the procedure in a timely manner.…


Dmitri Shostakovich, Football Fanatic

Dmitri Shostakovich was one of the 20th century’s most celebrated and prolific composers, whose symphonies, concerti, string quartets and dozens of other works became the musical backdrop for several generations of Soviet citizens. A slim man in thick glasses, Shostakovich was fastidious, diffident, and orderly, the very image of an intellectual composer. But Dmitri Shostakovich…


Russia Says No Plans to Install New Missiles Unless U.S. Deploys Them

Russia will not deploy new missiles as long as the United States shows similar restraint in Europe and Asia, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu said on Sunday, after Washington’s withdrawal from a Soviet-era arms pact. The United States formally left the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Russia earlier this month after accusing Moscow of violating the treaty and…


Russia Confirms Assault, Extortion Allegations in Europe’s Largest Prison

Russia’s prison authority has confirmed reports of abuse at Europe’s largest pre-trial detention center days after new video footage renewed concerns about conditions in Russia’s penitentiary system. Russia’s prison system has been under scrutiny since mid-2018, when revelations of torture set off nationwide inspections and dozens of legal cases. Last week, a prisoners’ rights NGO…


Russia Opens 350 Banned Professions to Women, Stripping Soviet-Era Restrictions

Women in Russia will soon be able to work in more than 350 job positions they’d previously been barred from under largely unchanged Soviet-era labor restrictions. Russia currently prohibits women from holding 456 jobs in dozens of industries that involve physically strenuous tasks or harmful working conditions. Previous media reports suggested that the Labor Ministry…


Putin-Macron Held Talks Before Russian Bank’s French Executive Released From Custody

A Russian court’s decision to release Baring Vostok executive Phillipe Delpal from custody and put him under house arrest followed talks between Russian president Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, the Kremlin said Friday. Delpal, a French national, was ordered to be released from custody and placed under house arrest by a Moscow…


Russia’s Good Year at the Awards

Despite concerns over censorship, the film and performing arts in Russia remain largely free of government interference. While the government can certainly impact the film industry and theater through funding and sometimes, with film, by withholding screening permits, there are many independent companies that can produce whatever they want. Now that the awards season for…


Second Goliath Crane Assembled at Zvezda Shipyard

The second Goliath giant crane, with a capacity of 1,200 tonnes, height of 120 metres, and width of 189 metres, has been assembled at the dry dock of Zvezda Shipyard that is being constructed by the Rosneft-led Consortium upon instructions of the President of Russia.

Main equipment of the reactor plant has been delivered to the construction site of Unit No.3 of Kudankulam NPP (India)

On August 7th the supplies of the reactor plant main equipment for the third unit of Kudankulam NPP in India were completed.  According to Andrey Lebedev, the Vice-President of JSC ASE EC for projects in India, all main equipment items located on the red line of the reactor pit installation have been supplied.  This is…


Putin Reserves Key 5G Frequency for Military Use, Media Reports

Russia risks falling behind the rest of the world in next-generation 5G technology after President Vladimir Putin has reserved its most popular frequency range for the military and intelligence services, Russia’s Vedomosti business daily reported Thursday. With speeds at least 10 times faster than 4G technology, 5G is expected to power internet-connected products ranging from…


TVEL Fuel Company starts unique project of uranium tailings recycling

Chepetsky Mechanical Plant (ChMP JSC), a subsidiary of TVEL Fuel Company in Glazov, Udmurt Republic, started pilot works of recycling the waste, which had been stored at the facility during the years of producing uranium tetrafluoride. This is Russia’s first project of recycling tailings dump bottom settings left after uranium conversion. Production of uranium tetrafluoride…


Russia Stole U.S. Hypersonic Missile Tech to Make Nuclear Advances – Bolton

Russia has stolen hypersonic cruise missile technology from the United States, U.S. President Donald Trump’s top national security aide John Bolton said while discussing last week’s deadly explosion at a military test site in Russia’s north. The mysterious explosion that killed five Russian nuclear engineers and caused a radiation spike last Thursday has spawned conflicting…


Russian Plane Crash-Lands in Cornfield, 233 Lives Saved

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