Rosneft Completes Development of Innovative Isopropyl Alcohol Technology

Scientists of the Rosneft United Research and Development Centre have developed an innovative technology for processing acetone produced by Rosneft’s enterprises into isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), a high-margin product that is now mainly imported in Russia.

Igor Sechin addresses the Speech at XIII Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona

Rosneft Oil Company Chief Executive Officer Igor Sechin has virtually addressed the speech “Returning to Growth” at the XIII Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona, Italy.

Catholics Will Convert to Orthodoxy Over Pope’s LGBT Support, Russian Church Predicts

Pope Francis’ endorsement of same-sex civil unions will lead the Catholic faithful to convert en masse to Orthodox Christianity and Protestantism, a senior Russian Orthodox Church official said Thursday. Francis became the first pontiff to voice support for same-sex couples in a documentary that premiered in Rome on Wednesday. His stance marks a departure from…


Putin: Russia’s Rise in Coronavirus Deaths Due to Improved Methodology

Coronavirus deaths are on the rise in Russia partly because of improved cause-of-death methodology, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday. Russia’s national coronavirus information center has confirmed a total of 25,242 Covid-19 deaths after reporting record daily fatalities of over 200 in 10 of the last 15 days. By comparison, daily Covid-19 deaths crossed the 200…


2nd Coronavirus Wave Could Be 10X Worse in Russia’s Regions, Disease Expert Says

A number of Russian regions risk facing a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic that is 10 times worse than the first, a senior Russian vector-borne disease expert said Tuesday. “The situation in the regions is very different,” Alexander Lukashev, who heads the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University’s (MSMU) Martsinovsky Institute of Medical Parasitology,…


Russian Mayor Urges Kicking Maskless Passengers Off Public Transit

Public transport passengers “can and should” kick out fellow passengers who don’t wear masks, the mayor of Russia’s fourth-largest city of Yekaterinburg said Tuesday.  The Sverdlovsk region, where Yekaterinburg is the administrative center, is Russia’s fifth most-affected federal subject by the coronavirus pandemic. It has confirmed a total of 33,425 Covid-19 cases and 718 deaths…


Rosneft Designs Synthetic Crude Oil Unit

Scientists of the Rosneft United Research and Development Centre have developed a laboratory unit designed to convert methane to synthetic liquid hydrocarbons.

Controversial Russian Priest Dies During Coronavirus Rehabilitation

A senior Russian priest notorious for making controversial remarks about women has died at age 69 during his rehabilitation from the coronavirus, a Russian Orthodox Church spokesman announced Wednesday. Earlier this year, Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov was crowned “Sexist of the Year” by Russian feminists for claiming that women have “weaker minds” than men and comparing common-law…


‘Stumbling Into a New Arms Race’: Imagery Shows Russia Preparing for Nuclear-Powered Missile Test

Russia plans to resume tests of its Burevestnik nuclear-powered missile, a move that risks reigniting an arms race with the United States just as the countries appeared on course to renew nuclear arms deal extension talks, according to a new analysis of satellite images.  Researchers noted high levels of activity at the dismantled test site…


Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Oct. 20

Russia has confirmed 1,431,635 cases of coronavirus and 24,635 deaths. Oct. 20: What you need to know today Russia confirmed 16,319 new Covid-19 cases Tuesday, bringing its official number of cases to 1,431,635 and breaking the country’s record for new infections. Senior Russian healthcare professionals say they expect the country’s number of daily Covid-19 infections to peak at 20,000 before…


Syzran Refinery Ecology Laboratory Receives International Accreditation

An ecology laboratory of the Syzran Refinery (a subsidiary of Rosneft) received the international accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025-2019 standard.

Soviet Diehards and Covid-19 Conspiracies: Inside Russia’s Anti-5G Movement

This piece was originally published in Coda Story’s Authoritarian Tech channel.  When video blogger Natalia Chernikhovskaya looked out the window of her Moscow apartment building she saw an antenna tower with white panels and a circular dish in the center. At first, she never suspected it could be the source of unexplained headaches and pains that she began…


Rosneft Develops Methane Aromatisation Technology

Scientists of the Rosneft United Research and Development Centre have developed an innovative methane aromatisation technology.

U.S. Charges Russians With Cyberattacks on Ukraine, French Elections, Olympics

Six Russian military intelligence officers have been charged in the United States with carrying out cyberattacks on Ukraine’s power grid, the 2017 French elections and the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, the Justice Department announced Monday. The six GRU agents were also accused of staging a malware attack called “NotPetya” that infected computers of businesses worldwide,…


Tens of Thousands March in Belarus Despite Police Threat to Open Fire

Belarusian police on Sunday detained more than 200 people as tens of thousands marched against strongman Alexander Lukashenko in defiance of police threats to open fire after weeks of demonstrations. Crowds of demonstrators waving red-and-white opposition flags descended on a gritty industrial neighbourhood in southeast Minsk for a march along Partisan Prospect, a key transport…


W. House Calls Putin Proposal on Nuclear Treaty ‘Non-Starter’

The United States on Friday rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to extend the New START nuclear treaty for one year unconditionally, countering that both nations must cap warheads during the period. “President Putin’s response today to extend New START without freezing nuclear warheads is a non-starter,” said Robert O’Brien, the national security advisor. O’Brien…


In Crisis-Hit Kyrgyzstan, Russia Weighs Its Influence and Intentions

A whirlwind two weeks of post-election violence and fierce power struggles in Kyrgyzstan has political observers at odds over Russia’s role and true intentions in Central Asia’s “island of democracy.”  Anger over pro-government parties’ gains in an Oct. 4 parliamentary vote spilled into the streets of Bishkek, prompting the fall of the government and resignation…


RN-Vankor Releases over 250,000 Red-Listed Siberian Sturgeon Fry into Yenisei River

RN-Vankor, a part of Rosneft Oil Company’s production complex, has released over 250,000 Siberian sturgeon fry into the Yenisei River.

Arkhangelsk Opens Rosneft-Sponsored Arctic Attraction Photo Exhibition

The Arctic Attraction photographic exhibition has opened in Arkhangelsk, arranged by Rosneft Oil Company jointly with the Innopraktika non-governmental development institution as part of the international Arctic nations film festival Arctic Open 2020.

Kyrgyzstan PM Claims Presidential Powers in Post-Vote Crisis

Kyrgyzstan’s new prime minister Sadyr Japarov claimed presidential powers on Thursday after the Central Asian country’s head of state Sooronbay Jeenbekov resigned amid a post-election crisis. “The powers of the president and the prime minister have been transferred to me,” Sadyr Japarov told cheering supporters on Thursday, after Jeenbekov resigned and the parliament speaker refused…


Russia Suspends Aid Until Kyrgyzstan ‘Stabilizes’ – RBC

Russia has suspended its financial assistance to the cash-strapped Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan until political stability is restored there, the RBC news website reported Wednesday, citing a Finance Ministry source and another federal official.  The Kyrgyz government, a Russian ally, has been paralyzed since protesters chased out its president following disputed parliamentary elections on…