‘We Want to Change the Course of History,’ Northern Sea Route Operator Says

The building of the Lider nuclear-powered icebreaker fleet could radically alter international shipping and trade routes, Alexei Likhachev, general director of the Rosatom nuclear power company, has said in an interview with Reuters. With the 120-megawatt icebreakers, the most powerful Arctic vessels ever built by far, Russia will be able to open up major shipping lanes…


5 Moscow Police Officials Fired Over Investigative Journalist’s Arrest

Five officials in Moscow’s police department have been dismissed over last month’s arrest and subsequent release of investigative journalist Ivan Golunov, a letter by the head of Moscow’s Interior Ministry said. Police detained Golunov, an anti-corruption reporter for the Meduza news website, last month on drug trafficking charges, which his supporters said were fabricated as…


Russia Negotiated $65M Payment to Help Italian Far-Right in Elections – BuzzFeed

Russian operatives sought to funnel $65 million into the European election campaign of a far-right Italian politician they described as the “European Trump,” BuzzFeed News has reported, citing leaked recordings of negotiations. Italy’s media have repeatedly suggested that the League, the country’s most popular party, has received financial backing from Moscow. Party leader Matteo Salvini,…


Moscow Ranks 3rd Worldwide for Free Wi-Fi

Russia’s capital ranks third among major cities worldwide for its availability of free public Wi-Fi hotspots, according to a recent report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Moscow surpassed New York, Tokyo and London in the ranking, published ahead of the Moscow Urban Forum. The Russian capital fell behind South Korea’s tech-savvy capital of Seoul in second…


Russia Goes to WTO With Complaint About U.S. Steel Dumping Duties

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Putin Opposes Georgian Sanctions, Saying He Does Not Want to Complicate Relations

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in televised comments on Tuesday that he did not support a parliamentary call to impose tough economic sanctions on Georgia. The Russian parliament unanimously backed a resolution earlier on Tuesday urging the government to draw up sanctions against Georgia, a move that would sharply escalate a political crisis between the…


Putin Aide’s Assistant Sent Classified Info Abroad Before Treason Arrest – Reports

A Russian presidential aide’s assistant who was arrested last week allegedly passed sensitive details abroad from security meetings chaired by President Vladimir Putin, the Znak.com news website has reported. Alexander Vorobyov, an assistant to Nikolai Tsukanov, Putin’s envoy to the Urals Federal District, was detained on charges of state treason on Thursday. Tsukanov is listed…


Russian Journalist Charged for ‘Controlling Minds’ With ‘1984’ Reference

A journalist in Siberia has been accused of “controlling minds” with a reference to George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” in a milestone case in Russia’s legal system, the Kommersant business daily reported on Tuesday. Police in Russia’s republic of Sakha had accused Mikhail Romanov, a reporter for the Yakutsk Vecherniy weekly, of “affecting the human…


Drug Charges Are ‘Routinely’ Falsified in Russia, Most Russians Say

A majority of Russians believe that police routinely fabricate drug charges, according to results published by the independent Levada Center polling agency Tuesday. The survey was conducted in the wake of the high-profile drug trafficking arrest — and subsequent release over insufficient evidence — of investigative journalist Ivan Golunov last month. Critics said the charges…


Ukraine Suspects Treason in Scrapped Teleconference With Russia

Ukrainian authorities have opened a criminal case into treason following a now-abandoned proposal for a joint online conference with Russian state television to help end the war in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine’s NewsOne channel and Russia’s state-run Rossia 24 broadcaster planned to host a videolink dialogue between ordinary citizens of the countries before the Ukrainian broadcaster…


Russia Approves ‘Shortest’ Europe-China Highway – Reports

The Russian government has approved construction plans for a toll highway that will dramatically cut cargo shipping times between Europe and China, the Vedomosti business daily reported. Russia is pursuing an ambitious infrastructure plan in President Vladimir Putin’s current presidential term, including developing its portion of the strategic China-Western Europe transport corridor. Russia has reportedly…


Russian Sailors Killed in Nuclear Sub Fire May Have Averted ‘Global Catastrophe’ – Official

The 14 Russian sailors killed in last week’s nuclear submarine fire may have prevented a “planetary catastrophe,” a high-ranking officer has reportedly said at their funeral ceremony this weekend. The sailors were killed on July 1 when a fire broke out as their deep-water research submarine was surveying the seafloor near the Arctic, the Russian…


Houses of the Future: What Kind of Homes Do Millenials Want?

The Moscow Urban Forum took place this week, hosting 8,500 people passionate about urbanism and architecture from 69 different countries.

One of the topics that captured the audience’s attention was about the kinds of homes that should be built for the millennial generation, to satisfy their needs while respecting the environment.

Libya Arrests 2 Russians Accused of Trying to Influence Vote

Libyan security forces arrested two Russian nationals accused of trying to influence upcoming elections in the North African oil-exporter, according to a document obtained by Bloomberg. The letter from state prosecutors for the internationally recognized government in Tripoli said the Russians had been involved in “securing a meeting” with Saif al-Islam al-Qaddafi, the fugitive son…


Putin’s Approval Rating Steadily Increases to 68%, Survey Says

President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating has grown in recent months but remains at pre-Crimean annexation lows, an independent Levada Center polling agency survey said on Friday. Putin’s approval ratings have hovered in the mid-to-low 60s since he enacted unpopular reforms gradually increasing Russians’ retirement ages last summer. Putin’s job approval has climbed to 68 percent…


Russia Certifies European University at St. Petersburg’s Master’s Programs

Russia’s state education watchdog has issued accreditation to one of the country’s leading private universities’ master’s degree programs after a three-year lapse. The watchdog, Rosobrnadzor, stripped the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) of its accreditation and revoked its license over building code violations in 2016, taking over its main campus in early 2018. It restored…


Floating Nuclear Power Plant Will Be Key Element on Northern Sea Route

The construction and testing of Russia’s first power plant are declared completed. On Thursday morning the installation was officially handed over from Baltic Yard to Rosatom. At the ceremony, representatives of two Russian state companies signed a document saying that the Akademik Lomonosov passed all necessary tests and successfully met requirements.  “It marks a significant…