Moscow Police Detain Hundreds in 2 Years With Facial Recognition

Facial recognition cameras have helped police catch scores of suspects on the streets of Moscow and up to 10 criminals a month on the metro in the past two years, Russia’s Vedomosti business daily reported Thursday. Moscow claims the world’s largest network of 160,000 surveillance cameras, some equipped with facial recognition technology. Supporters of the technology say…


Russian Paratroopers Drown in Crimea After Failed Parachute Landing

Two Russian paratroopers have drowned after a failed parachute landing attempt, the country’s military was quoted by news agencies as saying on Wednesday. It was unclear if the paratroopers died during the snap combat readiness inspections currently taking place in Russia’s central, eastern and southern military districts. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Monday that…


Russia Shows Off New Military Technology at 2019 Army Forum, in Photos

If there’s one thing Russia’s good at, it’s rolling out the tanks for a grand display of military might and armed excellence. The 2019 Army forum, held Tuesday in the outskirts of Moscow, was no different.

Here are a few of the fiercest fighters that the Defense Ministry put on display:

1 in 10 Russians Have Been Tortured by Authorities – Poll

One in 10 Russians say they have been tortured by law enforcement officials, a survey by the independent Levada Center pollster said. Russian law enforcement has been rocked with several torture scandals, with victims including LGBT people in Chechnya, Jehovah’s Witnesses and prisoners. In 2018, United Nations human rights investigators called on Russia to halt frequent torture…


Russian Arctic Island Becomes Nature Reserve

Regional authorities in Russia’s Arctic have introduced stricter environmental regimes on Kolguev Island to protect the island’s bird and wildlife species. The small island located in the southeastern Barents Sea, north of the Nenets coast, is considered a crucial area for migrating birds. It is also inhabited by several endangered species. The Kolguevsky Nature Reserve was…


Russia Is Laying Groundwork for Georgian Wine Ban, Media Reports

Russian authorities are taking steps toward banning Georgian wines amid an escalation in tensions between the ex-Soviet neighbors over the past week, the Kommersant business daily reported on Wednesday. Violent protests erupted in Georgia’s capital last week after a Russian lawmaker addressed the Georgian parliament in Russian from the speaker’s chair. On Monday, Russia’s state consumer…


Russians Are Increasingly Protesting Social, Not Political Issues – Study

Russians are increasingly likely to rally over social than political issues, according to a newly released study of protests in the first three months of 2019. Freedom of assembly has been gradually restricted in Russia since a wave of mass protests in 2011-2012 against President Vladimir Putin. Observers say that nonpolitical demonstrations have become more frequent…


Two Russian Biathletes Get Four-Year Bans for Doping

Two Russian biathletes have been suspended for four years for doping violations detected in data from Russia‘s former anti-doping agency laboratory, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) said on Tuesday. Alexander Pechenkin and Alexander Chernyshov were among the four Russian biathletes who were charged with doping violations by the IBU and provisionally suspended last November. In addition to a…


Russia Cleared to Return to Europe’s Top Rights Body, Ukraine Walks Out

Europe’s top human rights body has voted to allow Russia to return as a member of its parliamentary assembly, dividing the 70-year-old watchdog tasked with monitoring civil liberties among its 47 member states. Russia was suspended from the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) in 2014 over Moscow’s behavior toward Ukraine, including the annexation of…


Russia Says Military Plane Landed in Venezuela to Service Equipment

A Russian Air Force plane that landed in Venezuela is there to service Russian military equipment already in the country, Russia‘s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Tuesday, according to Interfax. The plane landed on Monday in Venezuela’s main airport, according to a Reuters witness and a website that tracks plane movements, three months after a similar arrival…


Head of Russia’s Ingushetia Resigns Following Months of Border Deal Unrest

The head of Russia’s smallest region has resigned following months of controversy over a land-swap deal with the neighboring republic of Chechnya, Russian media have reported. Residents of the North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia first took to the streets against the border-swap agreement signed with Chechnya in fall 2018. Violent protests reignited in March as…


Russian TV Reporters Attacked in Georgia Amid Heightened Tensions – Reports

The film crew of a Russian state-run television channel was attacked in Georgia’s capital on Saturday amid a flare-up in tensions between the two countries, Russian media have reported. Tensions between Russia and Georgia were ignited after a Russian lawmaker’s speech in the Georgian parliament set off mass protests in Tbilisi on Thursday. Demonstrators violently…


Rosneft Aero Wins Tender to Fuel Turkish Airlines Airplanes in Russian Airports

Rosneft Aero, the operator of the jet-fuelling business of Rosneft Oil Company, has been awarded a tender for fuelling the aircraft fleet of the largest Turkish air carrier Turkish Airlines in Russian airports until 2020.

Georgian Parliament Leader Resigns Over Mass Anti-Russian Protests

The head of Georgia’s parliament has resigned after mass anti-Russian protests rocked the capital this week. Thousands of protesters on Thursday tried to storm the Georgian parliament in Tbilisi after Russian lawmaker Sergei Gavrilov addressed an event for Orthodox Christian leaders in his native Russian from the parliamentary speaker’s seat. Demonstrators violently clashed with police,…


Georgians Protest Outside Parliament Over Russian Delegation’s Visit

Tens of thousands of Georgians gathered outside the parliament building in the capital Tbilisi on Thursday to protest against a speech made in the country’s parliament by a Russian lawmaker in his own language. Protesters chanted slogans against Russian President Vladimir Putin and dozens broke through police lines to try to storm the parliament building. Sergei Gavrilov…