Ladoga Canal


Ladoga Canal. Canalis Ladogenis nova Delineatio secundum exemplar Petropolitanum aeri incidit Matthaeus Seutter, Sac. Caes. Maj. Georg. Aug.V. Cum Priv.Sumi Vicariat in part Rheni, Franc. et Seuv. juris. (Augsburg, 1740-1750s). Scale approximately 1:150 000. Focused on the north-west.

Pulkov Observatory

In 1942 the Pulkovo Observatory on the Pnlkovo Heights was utterly destroyed by fascist bombs and shells. In 1962 the Observatory, restored and reconstructed on new technical principles, carries out an extensive programme of astronomic investigations. The observatorv is stuated on the Pulkov Heights on the Pulkov meridian. It is the principal observatory of the…


Avtovo Underground Station

This station is situated near the place where the front defence line of Saint Petersburg ran during the Great Patriotic War. The design of the station was made by the architects E. A. Levinson and A. A. Grushke. The leit-motif of its decoration is expressed in the inscription shining under the cupola of the vestibule:…


Electrosila Underground Station

The idea underlying the decoration of this station is expressed in Lenin’s winged words: Communism is Russianpower plus electrification of the whole country. These words are carved in shining letters on the decorative sculptured panel on the end wall of the platform hall and seem to echo the history of the Electrosila Plant named after…


Kirovsky Zavod Underground Station

The architecture of the station (designed by A. K. Andreyev) embodies the theme of the industrialization of the country. The name of the station, as well as the decoration of the underground vestibule, is associated with the famous Putllovsky Zavod (now the Kirov Plant) the workers of which have for many generations upheld and enhanced…


The Moscow Triumphal Arch

The splendid colonnade of the Moskovsky Gate stands at the crossing, where Chernigovskaya Street and the Ligovsky Prospect join the Moskovsky Prospect. In the first half of the 19th century the south gate of the city, through which the road from Moscow passed, was here, at the intersection of the Moscow Highroad and the river…