Snowy pine forest.

pine forest

Russian man and horse.

man and horse

The road to the village.


Frost and sun.

Frost and sun

Winter in Russia.


Winter evening on Russian field.

Winter evening

A snowy field

A snowy

Snowy road.

Snowy road

Birch hoarfrost.

Birch hoarfrost.



A bench in the snow.

A bench

Village street in winter.

Village street in winter.

House in the snow.

in the snow

Firewood under the snow.

Polenitsa under snow

Stairs to the barn.



Winter forest before a decline.

Winter forest

Fir-trees. L.Raskin’s photo.

L.Raskin's photo.

Tourists are blazing the skiing trail in the thickets of the Karelian Isthmus.

 Karelian Isthmus.

Winter in Russia

In the European part of the Russian the summer is warm and lasts from June to August inclusive. There is much sunshine at this season, but it also rains sometimes. In May and Sep­tember the weather is warm and sunny. September is espe­cially good with its calm, warm, sunny days. In spring and autumn the…


Foreign tourist in front of Hotel National in Moscow

Russian winter is waiting for you

Russian winter is waiting for you!

Moscow University

Time for Study In winter as you well know, the school and academic year is in full being. It is the best season to find out what the Soviet educational system is like. Soviet people thirst tremendously for knowledge. One of every four studies in one way or other. And among the students you find…


At the Fireside

At the Fireside There are many memorial museums in Moscow and its environs, which are open the year round and which relate of the life and work of well-known revolutionaries, writers and composer Leo Tolstoy. Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Mayakovski and Gorky memorial apartments. Suburban estates are particularly lovely and lyrical in winter providing a picture of…


Jack Frost the Painter

Jack Frost the Painter On a frosty day, when the mercury is down to 20 below, the city seems transformed. Spiky hoarfrost covers the trees and railings. The low-riding sun lends the haze a pinkish glow. The sight is so magnificent that one involuntarily stops short to admire this marvel of nature. You may see…


Skiing is the Muscovite´s favorite pastime

Russian winter

The Russian City

South-West, a new residential district in Moscow What does a Russian city look like? It is not so crowded as a European city. The houses, which, as a rule, are from six to ten storeys high — true there are still some still taller buildings — are freely arranged with broad thoroughfares between blocks. Squares…


Bolshoi Theatre

Festival of Art In winter time the Russian theatre season is in full swing. All play houses are open and you are sure to meet your favorite actors. The Russian theatrical season has its own characteristic feature. It is a time when bright posters bill the names of young playwrights, directors and actors of ambitious…


Winter Landscapes

Indeed, a peep through the port-hole at the fields and forests already gives you a glimpse of the Russian landscape. There is nothing in the way of rocky mountains or endless vacant fields in Russia. Winter time in Central Russia is a harmonious blend of woods — usually of white birches, slim pines and the…