Paul Cathedral

Three centuries above the city. The history of the bell tower of Peter and Paul Cathedral

Peter and Paul Cathedral has undergone several alterations in course of its long history. Permanent display in the belfry tells about the main stages of its construction and restoration. Drawings and photographs, a copy of a famous “Panorama of St. Petersburg” by Alexey Zubov (1716), model of Peter and Paul Cathedral, showing its design in…

Paul Fortress

History of Peter and Paul Fortress

Permanent display in the Neva Curtain Wall explores the history of Peter and Paul Fortress. More than 500 items from the museum collection, including archeological finds, engravings, photographs, construction equipment, models of the fortification structures, tell the story of the construction and development of the unique historical monument. Architectural designs, Russian and Swedish layouts and…

History of St Petersburg

History of St Petersburg – Petrograd. 1703 – 1918

Permanent display in the Commandant’s House of Peter and Paul Fortress consists of two sections. The first section explores the ancient history of the Neva banks and the history of St Petersburg of the early eighteenth – early nineteenth century. On display are archaeological finds, maps and layouts, paintings, pieces of graphic and applied art,…

the XVIII-XXI centuries

Collection of porcelain and glassware of the XVIII-XXI centuries

Peter and Paul Fortress, Petrovskaya Curtain Wall (left side) Exhibition from the collection of ceramics and glassware of the State Museum of History of St Petersburg is about 5000 objects of porcelain and glassware of Russian and West European production. The collection of ceramics and glassware of the State Museum of the History of St…

Mansion and its Owners

The Rumyantsev Mansion and its Owners

The history of the mansion from its construction in 1730s – 1740s till the end of the twentieth century is shown by documents, architectural designs, photographs, portraits and family coat of arms of its owners, materials on restoration works in the building.

From Weekdays to Holidays – Urban Sketches

From Weekdays to Holidays – Urban Sketches from the 1930s

The 1930s in Russia was the time of five-year plans, true enthusiasm in work and fundamental reorganisation of the Leningrad industrial basis. The exhibition features samples of goods, produced at the city enterprises, and models of different structures and devices. The process of rapid industrialization involved intensification of labour and restriction of discipline. The country…

Alexander Blok

Alexander Blok and his Circle

In 2008 State Museum of the History of St Petersburg launched a new display entitled “Alexander Blok and his Circle”, based on the museum collection and memorial items from the Institute of Russian Literature in St Petersburg. Items connected with the poet’s family and literary circle, including numerous autographs, books, portraits, drawings and personal belongings,…

Permanent Display of the Monument

Permanent Display of the Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad

Permanent display of the Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad is located beneath the monument. Mosaic triptych “The Siege of 1941” by Sergey Repin, Ivan Uralov and Nikita Fomin depicts volunteers leaving for the war, women working at the factory in besieged city, and the portrait of Dmitry Shostakovich, who wrote his famous Symphony…

Permanent display in the

Permanent display in the Mikhail Matyushin’s House

Permanent display in the Mikhail Matyushin’s House focuses on the main stages of the development of avant-garde culture in Russia and shows the diversity of St. Petersburg avant-garde art of the 1920s – 1930s. On display are memorabilia of the Matyushin’s family, paintings and drawings by Mikhail Matiushin, Elena Guro, Alexey Remizov, Nikolay Kulbin, Vladimir…

Publishing and Printing in the Early 20th Century

Publishing and Printing in the Early 20th Century

The exhibition features the newspaper-making process. A collection of old printing equipment of the edge of the 19th – 20th centuries is displayed in the publishing room.

in the 18th Century

History of Printing in St Petersburg in the 18th Century

Books and newspapers published in the first publishing houses of St Petersburg, as well as documents dedicated to the history of printing, are on display here. The interior of the room is designed in the style of a library.


Musical Salon

The exhibition features the history of the house now occupied by the museum. Visitors will have an opportunity to see the interior of the drawing-room and the study of a well-to-do citizen of St Petersburg, the owner of a rich collection of musical instruments.

Great citizen

Great citizen: direct speech


from 27 October 2016 to 30 July 2017 Exhibition is dedicated to 130th Anniversary of Sergei Kirov


of Peter the Great

Houses of Peter the Great


The exhibition tells about the residential houses and palaces, existant and the ones that were demolished, where the first Russian Emperor Peter I stopped during his journeys.