Alexander Suvorov

Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov was born on November 13 (24), 1729/30 in Moscow, in the family of the Ensign of the Life Guards of the Preobrazhensky Regiment Vasily Ivanovich Suvorov. His grandfather, Ivan Grigorievich, was the general clerk of the Preobrazhensky order, who was in charge of political investigations. Suvorov’s father, Vasili Ivanovich Suvorov (1708-1775), started his military service as a batman of Peter the Great, later held prosecutorial posts, took an active part in the 1762 overturn, was highly trusted by Catherine the II, and rose to the rank of general-anshef. History lacks the precise information about the year of A.V. Suvorov’s birth. Some historians adhere to the 1730, others consider the 1729 more correct on the basis of a number of documents.