Georgy Shishkin

28.06.2017 —31.07.2017 The personal exhibition of Georgy Shishkin comprises his major artistic cycles among which are “Russian dreams” – which was first presented in 1990s in Paris, Cannes, Monaco and other cities and brought the artist wide popularity; paintings dedicated to the Ballets Russes and Sergei Diaghilev; works consecrated to the Russian history and portraits…

the “Blue Rose” Society

Victor Borisov-Musatov and the “Blue Rose” Society

02.03.2017 —19.06.2017 The art of Victor Borisov-Musatov (1870-1905), one of the leading masters of Russian symbolism,  is presented in St.Michael’s Castle in context of his activity in the artistic society “Blue Rose”, the first exhibition of which dates back to 1907, 110 years ago. The variety of symbolist articulation in the oeuvre of Borisov-Musatov and artists…



06.04.2017  — 07.08.2017 The project that includes art pieces from 1960s to present time is aimed to investigate the concept of the structure (from Latin structura ‎- a fitting together, adjustment, building). Seen as characteristics of the form it acquires pure philosophical meaning. The large-scale and profound “discussion on formalism” will be carried out in the exhibition spaces…

the Artist

Vasily Vereshchagin. To the 175th Anniversary of the Artist

20.04.2017 – 24.07.2017 The exhibition is dedicated to the 175-th anniversary of Vasily Vereshchagin, world-known Russian artist famous mainly for his battle pieces. The exhibition will comprise over 220 works from the collection of the Russian museum, State Tretyakov gallery and other museums of Russia. Along with the acclaimed paintings of the Turkestan and Balkan…

Anna Azbel

Anna Azbel. Childhood Portrayed

24.05.2017—10.07.2017 The Russian Museum presents the personal exhibition of the photographer Anna Azbel “Childhood Portrayed”. Kid’s photography requires specific approach – not only technical skill, knowledge and good circumstances. In many respects, it demands sincerity, mutual trust and willingness of the photographer to experience the moment of collaboration with the child. Performing genre scenes or…


Hunt Slonem

25.05.2017—26.06.2017 Hunt Slonem is one of the most remarkable representatives of American neo-expressionism. His formation as an artist was mostly completed during his education at the prestigious Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine. In 1973 he moved to Manhattan, where he currently works and lives. His first individual exhibition opened in 1977 and…

International Festival

Program of the Xth Imperial Gardens of Russia International Festival

9.06.2017-18.06.2017 9 June (Friday) 2:00 pm The Mikhailovsky Garden opens for visitors 3:00 pm Master class “Avant-Garde and a Synthesis of Arts: Collage” from the Avant-Garde Floral Arts series from the FO-MI company (Larisa Reshetova, florist) 4:00 pm Scientific edutainment show “The Chemical Palette of Knowledge” by Physic’sLand, a student club from the University of Information Technology,…

Changes in the shedule of the Mikhailovsky Garden from June 5 to 9

Changes in the shedule of the Mikhailovsky Garden from June 5 to 9

5.06.2017 – 9.06.2017

Dear guests!

From June 5 to June 9 the Mikhailovsky Garden will be closed due to preparation to the Xth Imperial Gardens of Russia International Festival.

On June 9 the garden is open from 2 p.m.

Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences.