Life has become better, life has become more joyful!

life has become more joyful

Guard vigilantly Soviet harvest.


Let’s restore!


Peace, defence, disarmament. Phrases and… Bases

 Phrases and  Bases

Down with kitchen slavery make way to the new mode of life!

Down with kitchen slavery

Expose! Don’t let dispossessed “kulaks to plants, let’s guard machines and lathes!


100,000 to the party of Lenin


For joyful blossoming childhood, for healthy strong family!

for healthy strong family!

Let’s do away with “kulaks” as a class

kulaks as a class

Go to kolkhoz!


Let’s exterminate the foul creature!

foul creature

Glory to the creator of the USSR Constitution, the great Stalin!

the great Stalin!

More coal, cast iron steel to the Soviet country!

More coal cast iron steel