Many people believe that Russian cuisine is very heavy and calorific. Chef Alexander Volkov-Medvedev likes to challenge this stereotype and showcase the diversity of Russian dishes. This salmon is his favorite dish because it goes through so many stages of preparation. 

A typical Russian dish can be light on the stomach, but it still takes a long time to prepare. To ensure quality, nothing in Ruski is bought ready-made. The salmon is smoked and salted for many hours. This preserves the flavor of the fish and guarantees that every bite you taste is infused with smoke. If you treat fine produce with respect the results will speak for themselves.

Alexander Volkov-Medvedev has built his restaurant around the idea that simple but pure ingredients are at the heart of Russian cuisine.

Ruski. 21 1st Krasnogvardeisky proyezd, Bldg. 2. 85 floor of OKO building, Moscow City. Mezhdunarodnaya Metro. +7 (495) 777 7111.

This article has been produced in partnership with Ruski.