The group is still active however on Russia’s leading social networking website VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook.

The Daily Stormer’s page dates to April 11, when the group uploaded a profile picture of a Nazi eagle towering over a skull.

It was mostly dormant until Aug. 15 when a post appeared announcing: “Daily Stormer is now available only by Tor Browser. Google has seized our domain name.”

A day later it announced: “back on the normie web, with a .ru domain,” providing a link to the website which is now blocked.

The last post appeared Wednesday evening saying: “Cloudfare just dropped us. We’ll have to build an alternative.”

The page has 249 members and most have Russian names. It contains several images that depict Nazi symbolism, including a picture of a swastika and the text: “White Power.”

Russian law explicitly forbids Nazi imagery and Russians have previously been convicted on extremism charges of “promoting Nazi symbolism” after sharing pictures on VK.