Lee “Scratch” Perry and Mad Professor

Reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry and production mastermind Mad Professor in Moscow

Wed. Jun. 07Fri. Jun. 09
07:00 p.m.

Lee “Scratch” Perry (1936) is a musician, singer, artist, designer, writer and, as he calls himself – a magician, whose work has influenced the development of reggae and the creation of dub music. In the early 1970s Perry’s mixing board experiments resulted in the birth of dub. He later built a studio in his back yard where he produced musicians like Bob Marley & the Wailers. Mad Professor (1955), a disciple of Lee “Scratch” Perry, is one of the grand kings of dub. He’s old school with over 20 albums and has worked with a lot of the reggae greats including Lee Perry, either on joining projects or by simply laying down beats. Mad Professor remixed a whole album by Massive Attack. Read more