You’ll find plenty of options when it comes to souvenir shopping in Yekaterinburg. The city in the Urals specializes in jewelry, so be sure to pick something up to bring home for your special someone.

Jewelry and gems

Yekaterinburg is the largest city in the Urals and, thanks to the region’s extensive mineral and metal deposits, it is the place in Russia to shop for jewelry. Stop in the store Yuline to surprise someone special back home. In Yekaterinburg, artisans use their natural riches for a whole host of other items that you can take home with you not just jewelry.

The stone that you will see the most, which is synonymous with the city, is malachite. At Symphony of Gifts you will be confronted with row after row of this elegant green stone, crafted into everything from business card holders to backgammon sets to entire dioramas containing various stones. In addition to malachite, you can find many of the same items made out of jasper, serpentine and bronze. While you’re here, also take a look at the offerings made from the more baggage-friendly birch bark; sure to be popular is a cognac holder in the shape of a cannon.


Hailingiling from a town not far to the north of the city is a traditional style of pottery-making known as Tavolozhskaya ceramics. This homey-looking earthenware (reddish-brown hued, lightly painted) is perfect for serving stews and other hearty meals. You can find these at any souvenir store, though for the best selection, the main factory (which is still located in the town where the ceramics originated) has an outlet in Yekaterinburg.