Sokolniki Park

This park basically has everything: it’s great for walking, skating, cross-country skiing, or just hanging out.

For skaters, take a rest and head to its tree-lined, 5,400 square meter ice rink. But it’s not all sylvan surroundings. A large multimedia screen and illuminated pylons flash dazzling light shows, and there is an Italian trattoria for apres-skate pasta.

If you like to dance on ice, look for one of the skating discos. This huge park also has some of the best skiing in the city. Besides a 2-kilometer track, you can go off it to zip around part of the 45-kilomoter ski route. If you have your own skis, it’s open 24 /7; otherwise you can rent some at the park at the intersection of 6th Luchevoi and Maisky lanes. Or you can just stroll through the forest.

1/1 Ulitsa Sokolnichesky Val. Metro Sokolniki.