Wine Bazaar is a gently lit, foliage-adorned backdrop for the things it values most:good company, life’s simple pleasures and wine without fussiness. The friendly,enthusiastic atmosphere was so enjoyable that the following weekend found us atSosedi, another branch with a different menu and a personality all its own. Sosedialso features intricate design touches, from handmade ornaments hanging overheadto candle arrangements brightening up corners. The especially snowy walk from ParkKultury metro was worth it once we were sipping pleasantly tart mulled wine andchatting over poached egg and salmon appetizers, surrounded by steaming piles ofdecadent blini and homemade spreads. Kachalova’s philosophy is felt in herestablishments, which exude warmth and comfort. They’re the place to be withfriends, and to have your wine with (or without) whatever you want. No rules, nojudgment.

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