Moscow Homeopathic Center

In Russia, homeopathic medicine has been developed along with allopathic (mainstream) medicine for centuries. There are special homeopathic clinics and pharmacies, and itis not uncommon for a doctor to prescribe homeopathic treatments to compliment “Western” medicines. The Moscow Homeopathic Medical Center has been around since 1935 and offers treatment for a wide range of ailments and chronic problems. Most people find the process of treatment slow, but steady, using herbs and other substances that do not, in general, have side effects.

22nd Vladimirskaya Ulitsa.Metro Perovo, Shosse. Entuziastov.

Naran Tibetan Clinics

Since 1989 Muscovites have been using Tibetan medicine to treat chronic ailments and lingering coughs and discomfort after a serious illness. The doctors use a very wide variety of methods to strengthen the body’s ability to fight off and recover fully from an ailment, from acupuncture to massage and herbs. Got a cough you can’t shake? You might give it a try. The Naran center has several clinics across the city.

Multiple locations.

GB Barbers

Men, how about a day at the barbers? In a place that looks like an exclusive men’s club, with professionals who have all gotten their training in London? Put yourself in competent hands at GB Barbers. You can have the classic haircut and shave, but consider adding on a “masculine” manicure and pedicure. If that’s not enough, sign up for a facial, massage or paraffin therapy for your winter-dried hands and legs. In Russian and English.

10 Ulitsa Vozdvizhenka Street. (Voentorg, entrance from Bolshoi Kislovsky Pereulok). Metro Arbatskaya.