In the album’s opening track, called “Stolen Air,” Face echoes the words of Soviet poet Osip Mandelstam — a victim of Soviet repression: “We live without sensing the country under our feet.”

Corruption is a returning theme throughout the album’s eight tracks. In “The Fourth Horseman,” Dremin refers to the fire that engulfed the Winter Cherry shopping mall in Kemerovo in March 2018. The national tragedy, which claimed 64 lives, including 41 children, has been widely blamed on corruption.

“Our life sort of resembles a shopping mall: Someone burns in it while someone else is making money on interest.”

In the same track, Dremin raps:

“My country is one big prison camp,

Anywhere I go, I feel right at home.”

In “Our mentality,” in which the rapper calls himself “the enemy of the state,” he raps about the improvidence of life in modern Russia:

“Our mentality is [playing] slot machines

Our mentality is paycheck to paycheck.

Our mentality is not paying for our crib.

Even if the lights are out, we don’t give a f***.”