Those hopes did not pan out. Now Siemens faces heavy fines and not only in Germany.

What does Russia get from this? First, it gets turbines that it will have to install and service without the benefit of the necessary Siemens specialists, software, and parts, which will probably reduce the quality and duration of the turbine’s operation.

Russia also faces having its cooperation with SGTT frozen, and the enterprise is the only one in Russia producing high-capacity gas turbines. Production is only a little more than 50 percent localized, and the German company will take back the rest of the technology.

The clandestine delivery of two turbines to Crimea, which might yet prove impossible to put into operation, could deprive the entire country of turbines. Who will answer for this? Apparently, the ax has fallen on Silovye Mashiny CEO Roman Filippov, with both sides agreeing on his dismissal last Thursday.