JSC Isotope participated in the annual congress of European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM 2018) held on October 13-17 in Dusseldorf (Germany).

At the EANM exhibition, JSC Isotope and Rusatom Healthcare presented ROSATOM’s capabilities in supplies of medical products produced by such enterprises as Karpov IPC, SSC RIAR, IPPE, IRM, ECP, and others.

At the event, JSC Isotope held negotiations with both existing and potential consumers of isotope products and reached agreements on the supply of the isotopic products, namely lutetium-177, used in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumours and prostate cancer, and gallium-68 generators used to diagnose cancer in PET-scanners. The company also continues to interact with its customers — distributors and clinics — in the supplies of iodine-125 (brachytherapy), radium-223 (treatment of bone metastasis), actinium-225 (production of Bi-213 generators and therapy prostate cancer using alpha emitter) and other isotopes.

JSC Isotope also agreed on a number of projects in the stable isotopes domain, including deliveries of the stable isotope germanium-72, used in the semiconductor industry in the production of chips, the supply of stable isotopes (zinc-68, molybdenum-100) for a company developing advanced isotope production technologies for medical imaging, as well as the extension of the contract for the supply of a stable isotope iridium-191 to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sources for flaw detection.

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The EANM congress is among the leading platforms bringing together participants in various segments of the isotope business. The EANM Association is a unique industry association that unites leading technology companies, equipment and products suppliers.

JSC Isotope is the sole supplier of isotope products manufactured by ROSATOM State Corporation enterprises. The company’s clients are more than 600 Russian companies and more than 100 entities in over 30 countries.

JSC Rusatom Healthcare is a subsidiary of ROSATOM State Corporation established for purposes of development and production of equipment and radionuclide products for nuclear medicine and medical radiology. The company also supplies industrial equipment and sterilisation solutions for processing different types of products with ionising radiation on the basis of electron-beam and gamma-ray installations.