Moscow city officials have published a list of unusual names given to babies born in the capital last year.

Many boys received traditional Slavic names including Velesvet, Ladomir, Patrikei and Kharlampy. Other unusual names included Forward, Nord and Franklin, and one Muscovite was named Orpheus, after the Greek hero.

The most unorthodox girls’ names included Zlatozara, Ladislava, Agrafena and Iskra.

“When choosing a name, parents usually go for something beautiful and rare, not the latest trend,” Irina Muravyova, the head of Moscow’s registry services, was cited as saying in a press release published Thursday.

Over 130,000 babies were born in Moscow in 2017, including 1838 pairs of twins and 34 sets of triplets. As in 2016, the most popular names continue to be Alexander and Mikhail for boys and Sofia and Maria for girls.