The 2018 Winter Olympics, opening February 9 in PyeongChang, South Korea, promise to showcase the latest in wearable winter sport technology. We’re talking heated parkas, body airbags, sensor-packed skate suits and more. Here is some of the most innovative equipment you’ll see on the slopes and ice next month. 

Heated Opening Ceremony Jackets

(Team USA )

At the February 9 opening ceremony, Team USA will be wearing Ralph Lauren outfits that are sporty, patriotic and toasty warm, thanks to embedded heating elements. The interior of the team’s parka will have an American flag, made with electronic-printed heating inks. The athletes can program the heaters to run on three different settings using their cell phones and turn them on via a button large enough to push while wearing gloves. The battery-powered heat can last up to 11 hours. If only the rest of us had had this during the bomb cyclone.