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Moscow is one of the most wonderful cities of Russia. And, undoubtedly, its history can be felt by visiting Moscow museums. Many Moscow museums have been established only recently. Many Moscow museums seemingly in their area do not have anything to do with Moscow at all… However do not forget that history creates by present moment, what is present today, will be history tomorrow! Moscow is relevant to almost everything, because Moscow is the capital of Russia and its very heart!

On Moscow Russia Travel Guide site you can find quite detailed information about the most interesting Moscow museums. There are pages devoted to such well-known museums as the Tretyakov Gallery or the State Historical Museum. Some Moscow museums are not so well known, but because of their unusual and informative, colorful and completeness of information, they do not concede well-known Moscow museums!

I hope that the information I present about the Moscow museums will help you determine the leisure time, make it more diverse and informative.

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The State Historical Museum


Armory and Diamonds Fund

Alexandrovkiy Sad Metro station

The Kremlin Armory Museum and the Diamond Fund are oldest museums in Russia and part of the Great Kremlin Palace complex. It is proudly housing the richest collection of decorative and applied art, a staggering collection of Tsarist artifacts, collection of ancient weaponry, fabrics, cookware, furniture, jewelry, carriages, gold and platinum nuggets, precious stones, including on the largest diamonds in the world. Part of the Armory’s exposition is devoted to the history of Russian diplomacy. Although the museum has been open to the public since the mid of nineteen century, the current collection was established as recently as 1986, which means that display techniques are relatively modern, the layout is clear and coherent. Tours are in English and French.

The Kremlin Armory Museum working hours: opens daily except Thursday, admission at 10:00, 12:00, 14:30 and 16:30. Sessions last for 1 hour 45 min. Tickets sold in the foyer or from the office in the Kremlin’s Kutafiya Tower.

The Diamond Fund working hours: excursions are daily from 10am to 5pm at twenty-minute intervals, museum is closed between 1pm and 2pm for lunch, and it closed on Thursdays. Tickets are available in the foyer.

The Moscow Kremlin

Alexandrovkiy Sad Metro station

The Kremlin is one of the world’s most beautiful architectural ensembles. Cathedrals of the fifteenth – seventeenth centures include the Cathedral of the Assumption (Uspenskiu), burial place of patriarchs and site of coronations and weddings of grand princes, czars and emperors, the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael (Arkhangelskiy), vault of Ivan the Terrible and other czars, the Cathedral of the Annunciation (Blagoveschenskiy); and the Church of the Deposition of the Robe (Rizpolozheniya).

The Moscow Kremlin opens daily, except Thursdays, from 10am to 5pm.

State Historical Museum

Okhotny Ryad, Ploshchad Revolyutsii, or Teatralnaya Metro station.

The museum holds a supremely rich collection of artifacts about the history of the land of Russia from the Paleolithic period to the present day. The State Historical Museum is wedged between Red Square and Manege Square. The omissible red-brick palace with its silver roof, towering opposite St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, houses the State Historical Museum which is one of the main sightseeing attractions of the Russian capital. Designed by V.Shervud. The total number of objects in the museum’s collection numbers in the millions. The museum was opened in 1894, to mark the coronation of Russian czar Aleksander III. It was the result of twenty years long project to consolidate various archaeological and anthropological collections into a single museum.

Working hours: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., ticket office is open till 5 p.m. Sun: from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., ticket office is open till 7 p.m.

New exhibition hall: from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., ticket office is open till 6 p.m.

Day off: Tuesday, First Monday of each month

State Tretyakov Gallery

It is may be the largest depository of European’s masterpieces you have ever heard of! The gallery is named after its founder, the great Moscow industrialist and patron Pavel Tretiakov. The Gallery became famous from the minute it was opened to the public in 1870. After Tretyakov’s death the gallery’s collection grew rapidly, especially after the October Revolution when museum collections were privatized: art was bought, donated or “transferred” from other museums, private collections, cathedrals and monasteries. The latest part of the collection, dating from 1950 – 1990, opened recently, on 25th May 2000.

The major museum housing the collection of Russian art that traces the development of Russian culture from the eleventh through the early twenties century. The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow is one of the largest museums in Russia with over 100 000 works of art – icons, paintings, graphics and sculpture – spanning the entire history of Russian art. It has everything from Russian icons to Kazimir Malevich’s avant-garde Black Square. Tretyakov Gallery collection of Russian realist paintings from the second half of the 19th century is spectacular, as are the portraits of Russian giants like Leo Tolstoy, and this collection the best in the country.

Main Gallery opens daily from 10am till 7pm, except Mondays – 10, Lavrunshkensky Pereulok, Moscow. Tretyakovskaya or Novokuznetskaya Metro stations.

House of Artists opens daily from 10am till 8pm, except Mondays – 10/4, Ulitsa Krymsky Val, Moscow. Park Kulturi or Oktyabrskaya Metro station.

Darwin Museum

Akademicheskaya Metro station

57 Ul. Vavilova, Moscow

This is the first Evolution museum in the world. Extensive collection of exhibits on natural history. Stuffed animals, birds, fish, unique species of butterflies, dinosaurs, interactive expositions.

The museum is disable friendly. If you are planning to take a pictures, please be aware that you have to buy a special permition so you can take photographs and videos for personal use in the Museum. Photography for personal use is allowed with hand-held cameras and with available light or electronic flash attachments. Tripods and lights may not be used. Reproduction or sale of photographs is not allowed without Museum permission. Darwin Museum opens every day except Mondays, and last Fridays of every month, and the January 1st. Regular hours are 10am to 6pm.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art*

Chekhovskaya or Pushkinskaya Metro stations

25 Petrovka street, Moscow

Moscow Museum of Modern Art is the first state museum in Russia that concentrates its activities exclusively on the art of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Since its inauguration, the Museum has expanded its strategies and achieved a high level of public acknowledgement. Today the Museum is man energetic institution that plays an important part on the Moscow art scene.

The Museum was unveiled on December 15, 1999, with the generous support of the Moscow City Government, Moscow City Department of Culture. Its founding director was Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts. His private collection of more than 2.000 works by important twenties century masters was the core of the Museum’s permanent display. Later on, the Museum’s keepings were enriched considerably, and now this is one of the largest and most impressive collections of modern and contemporary Russian art, which continues to grow through acquisitions and donations.

Today the Museum has five venues in the historic centre of Moscow. The main building is situated in Petrovka Street, in the former eighteenth century mansion house of merchant Gubin, designed by the renowned neoclassical architect Matvey Kazakov. Apart from that, the Museum has three splendid exhibition venues: a vast five-story building in Ermolaevsky Lane, a spacious gallery in Tverskoy Boulevard, the beautiful building of the State Museum of Modern Art of the Russian Academy of Arts, and Zurab Tsereteli Studio Museum.

Museum’s working hours – Monday to Sunday from 12pm till 8pm, last admissions at 7.15pm. The museum launched an experimental program “Evening at the Museum” – every Thursday, the museum is open from 1pm till 9pm, last admissions at 8.15pm. The Museum is closed last Monday of each month.

* Information was taken from

The State Museum of Oriental Art

Arbatskaya Metro station

12a, Nikitskiy Boulevard, Moscow

This Moscow Museum was founded in October 1918. The State Museum of Oriental Art is one of the largest cultural educational institutions of the Russian Federation. In 1977 it acquired the status of the research educational institutions of the 1st category and on 18th December 1991 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation it was attributed to the most valuable objects of the cultural heritage of Russia. Also, there are the art of Korea, Mongolia, Turkey, Tibet, China, Iran, Japan, Central and Southeast Asia, and the Caucasus; thousands of artworks from the earliest times in the early twenties century.

The museum opens daily from 11am till 8pm. Ticket desk opened till 7pm. Museum is closed on Mondays.

Polytechnical Museum

Kitay Gorod or Lubyanka Metro stations

3/4 Novaya Ploschad, Moscow

Polytechnical Moscow Museum dates back to 1872 by direct order from Czar Aleksander II. It was conceived by members of the Imperial Society of Amateur Natural Scientists, Anthropologists and Ethnographies as a centre for research and education. The Polytechnical Museum has become a centre of scientific, cultural and social life in Moscow. The greatest scientists in Russia presented their latest breakthroughs in science and technology to the public here. There are more than 160,000 exhibits in Russia’s largest technical museum. This museum has collection of mechanisms, documents, photos and lithographs featuring widest variety and evolution of technical devises. Vintage cars, bicycles, motorcycles, optical devises, and musical instruments. Igrotekha is interactive exposition for children.

The Moscow Polytechnical Museum opened daily from 10am to 6pm, except Mondays and the last Thursday of each month.

Novodevichiy Monastery

Sportivnaya Metro station, Novodevichiy proezd, 1, Moscow.

Ride to Sportivnaya station and climb back to street level, where you will find sixteenth century domes of Novodevichiy Monastery sparkling nearby. Once inside this UNESCO World Heritage Site, soak up the peaceful environs. The real attraction, however, is the cemetery, the sparkling final resting place for some of Russia’s greatest luminaries, like Chekhov, Gogol, Khrushchev, Raisa Gorbacheva and reformer and tippler Boris Yeltsin.

Current group rate (for no more 25 people) for excursion with duration of an hour with following rate:

In Russian, English, German, or French language – 3300 rublesIn Italian or Spanish language – 3800 rubles

In any other language – 4200 rubles

Museum opens every day from 10am to 5.30pm, except Tuesdays and every first Mondays on each month.


Boyars Romanovy Palace

Kitay Gorod Metro station

10 Varvarka, Moscow

The only building of the Romanov Boyars’ estate survived. The exposition presents the patriarchal family lifestyle of boyars in the end of the seventeenth century: dining room, the boyar cabinet, the room of elder sons, inner porch. Samples of handmade arts from the State Historical Museum funds.

Museum opens every day from 10am to 6pm, and Wednesdays from 11am till 7pm, day except Tuesdays and every first Mondays on each month.

RKK Radio Museum

Novoslobodskaya or Mendeleevskaya Metro station

9 Suschyovskaya Ul., Bldg 4, Moscow

WWII radio equipment, Soviet radio equipment of the 1930s and 1940s, frontline and home (tube abd detector) radio receivers; Soviet, German, British and American field telephones; a vacuum-tube collection; a library of technical and military-history literature. The museum has free admission.

Museum opens Monday through Friday from 11am till 6pm.

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