Opposition politician Alexei Navalny published yet another investigation claiming to show President Vladimir Putin’s “secret dacha” on Thursday, drawing nearly half a million views within hours of appearing on YouTube.

His bombshell investigation, however, comes nearly a week after the opposition-leaning Dozhd television channel published its own expose with satellite images of Putin’s alleged villa on the Russian border with Finland.

Dozhd identifies the villa near the Vyborg as a cultural heritage site dubbed “Villa Sellgren.”

“That Dozhd television channel,” Navalny wrote in a blog post detailing his Anti-Corruption Foundation’s (ACF) investigation. “You prepare and prepare an investigation into Putin’s secret dacha, and they — bam — and publish the report about it first.”

ACF drone footage of the alleged property in Vyborg Bay depicts a lavish property, together with a helicopter pad, a 1,500-square-meter guest house and the 745-square-meter historic site alongside its 1,500-square-meter extension. Villa Sellgren occupies a territory totaling 48.5 hectares, according to the ACF.