“The contract stipulates a two-month notice period, but they want to evict us in a week (we won’t leave of course.)”

A photo of the eviction notice showed the team is being asked to leave by Aug. 31.

In recent months, Navalny’s headquarters in cities across Russia have been subjected to law enforcement raids and his regional campaigns have been evicted from their offices. In May, the Moscow campaign was evicted from another venue and they had only recently found new premises.

“It took two months to find [the new] venue, having sorted through 50 options (and received 50 refusals),” Volkov said in a separate tweet. “And now, after a month of work — this.”

Volkov said the team would not leave the venue and would continue their work “despite everything.”

Navalny has mounted a nationwide campaign ahead of presidential elections next year, in defiance of a criminal conviction which bars him from running.