Vinoteka Abrau-Durso

Abrau-Durso Wine House is the leading Russian producer of sparkling and still wines; and Vinoteka Abrau-Durso provides a rare format for a Moscow venue, one in which the leading role is given to sparkling wines, with the accompanying food specially designed to highlight the tastes of the wines. The restaurant is situated in the historic GUM, one of Moscow’s most prestigious shopping malls. In this place, the histories of two legendary brands merge. The wine list offers a full selection of sparkling wines, still wines, cocktails based on wine and sparkling wine, and Russian wines from VedernikovWinery and Usadba Divnomorskoye. The bar also serves exquisite European and Russian cuisine, including Pacific crab canapés, Russian sturgeon, ceviche, baked starlet, caviar, oysters, mussels, bruschetta and snails – as well as a tempting dessert menu and other tasty treats. Moreover, Vinoteka Abrau-Durso offers lectures and themed master-classes. Upon request, the staff gives private wine tastings.

3 Red Square. Metro Okhotny Ryad.



If you’ve already had your fill of the classic borshch and shchi, Soup-café is the place to go. A cornucopia of flavors, the restaurant aims to collect every recipe under the sun — and it’s at 127 and counting. Visitors can let their worries drain away as they sip kharcho or Boston cheddar and enjoy Soup-café’s cozy atmosphere. And if they want to experiment at home, the restaurant’s got them covered: From Creole gumbo to the millennial favorite, avocado soup, Soup-café’s website boasts a recipe for every taste.

17 Skakovaya Ulitsa.Metro Belaruskaya.