RT Twitter Suspended

At the request of the British government, Twitter suspended an RT account to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution.

RT was using the handle: @BritishEmb1917 and the official crest of Great Britain’s Foreign Office, calling it “the official Twitter account of the United Kingdom in the Russian Empire.”

Journalist’s Car Torched

The car of Radio Ekho Moskvy journalist Yulia Latynina caught fire on Sunday morning, in a suspected arson attack. If confirmed, this would be the second attack at her home in the past two months.

Gay Chechens Get Asylum in Canada

A Canadian NGO said on Friday it had helped 35 gay and bisexual men escape Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya after reports of extrajudicial killings of gay men there.

Reaction to North Korea

Following reports of North Korea’s most recent nuclear weapons test on Sunday, Russia called “interested parties” on Friday “to stay calm and to restrain from any acts, which may lead to further escalation of tensions.”

“We urge all interested parties to promptly return to dialogue and negotiations, the only possible way for a comprehensive settlement of the Korean Peninsula problems, including the nuclear problem.”