On 15 April 2019, the XI International Forum Atomexpo 2019 was officially opened in Sochi.

Over 3.600 guests from 74 countries registered for the Forum this year (six more than last year). Among the new countries represented at the Forum are Qatar, Bahrain and Nicaragua.

15 opening.jpg

This year the participants will have a busy business program, which includes plenary sessions, roundtables, signing of various agreements. Forum participants and accredited media representatives will be able to attend 18 roundtables on various relevant aspects of nuclear technology development. These roundtables will provide a platform to discuss the application of nuclear technologies that open up new opportunities for the development of medicine, creation of unique materials, space exploration, exploration of the Arctic region, as well as strengthen the energy base of the economy.

It should be noted that the Forum broke last year’s record in terms of the number of journalists: this year 290 media representatives from Russia and various foreign countries registered to cover the event (last year the number was more than 270).

“The Forum has set a new record in the number of participants and guests”, said Alexey Likhachev, General Director of ROSATOM on the official opening ceremony. He also noted the larger number of foreign participants, namely this time the Forum receives 1.500 guests from abroad.

Alexey Likhachev reminded the audience that the Forum motto is “Nuclear for better life”. Each sphere of human activity is affected by the achievements of nuclear industry. “Peaceful atom is associated with all aims and goals of UN sustainable development program. This Forum will become a space for discussing newest technologies that will lay the basis for the future of our planet”, Mr Likhachev emphasized.

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russian Federation, welcomed participants, organizers and guests of the 11th ATOMEXPO 2019 International Forum in Sochi. The President pointed out that today’s Russia has high potential in the field of nuclear technologies, says the telegram form Kremlin official website. “In recent years the Forum enhanced its stature, became one of the major international industry events and a high-demand platform that encourages discussions on actual problems of nuclear energy and industry and new promising business contacts”, says the telegram.

The main topic for this year’s Forum is “Nuclear for better life.” For the first time in the history of the Forum, the business programme has been compiled by the International Programme Committee, which is made up of: Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency William Magwood, Director General of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) Agneta Rising, former Chairman of the World Association of Nuclear Operators Jacques R?galdo and former Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Luis E. Ech?varri, among others. ATOMEXPO 2019 participants (heads of state structures, major companies and public organizations, as well as international experts) will discuss global issues in the development of carbon-free energy, a responsible approach to the environment and natural resources, green investments and international partnerships for sustainable development. Among the key topics at roundtables are: the non-energy application of nuclear and radiation technologies in industry, science, medicine and agriculture; digital solutions for infrastructure projects; knowledge management; and the development of human capital assets. A number of important documents are expected to be signed on the side-lines of the Forum, including agreements on strategic cooperation and partnership, commercial contracts and documents on the development of projects. The exhibition will feature a wide range of advanced nuclear technologies and new products, including products that are not related to the energy industry. The exhibition area will take up over 13,000 square metres.

The 10th anniversary ATOMEXPO Forum in 2018 attracted over 4000 delegates and guests from 68 countries (compared to 65 countries in 2017 and 55 countries in 2016). The exhibition took place on a total area of 20,000 square metres (compared to 12,000 square metres in 2017). Over 600 companies took part in the event. A total of 39 agreements and other documents on cooperation and partnership, including commercial contracts, were signed on the side-lines of ATOMEXPO 2018.

The event is operated by ATOMEXPO LLC.