Kanavinsky bridge at night.

Kanavinsky bridge

Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. Alley of love.

Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. Alley of love.

Nizhny Novgorod today

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod today is the most important economic and cultural center of Russia. One of the most beautiful cities of the country. Nizhny Novgorod included on UNESCO’s list of 100 cities of world historical and architectural value.

Girls guessing.


Russian beauty with bread and salt.

Russian beauty with bread and salt.

Small pike.


The struggle deer for a female.

Poruba deer for a female.

Shot for hunting cartridges.


Hunting dog. A graphic.

A graphic

Hunting dog has found a cave.

Hunting dog

The Greyhound race.

Winter Greyhound race.

Extreme driving on snow-scooter.

Extreme driving on snow-scooter.

At this catamaran safely accommodates 10 people.

At this catamaran safely accommodates 10 people.

The ideal solution for fishing with friends.

Geese are floating on the lake.


Winter fishing for perch.

Winter fishing

Fishing for perch.


Winter fishing in Russia.

Winter fishing in Russia.

The catch.


Mountain river.


Hunting for grouse.

Successful hunting

Hunting in the field.


Hunting in the mountains


Fox tracks in the sand.

Fox hunting

Snowy pine forest.

pine forest

Fox hunting.


Russian man and horse.

man and horse

Hunting rifles.


Large extraction. The cruelty of the Russian hunting.

The cruelty of the Russian hunting.

Inspection of hunting grounds.

hunting grounds.

Feast after hunting.

after hunting

Fried hazel.


The pose of “place” hazel grouse. A graphic.

A graphic

Hunting for hazel.


Bird’s nest hazel with a full masonry of seven eggs.

Hazel grouse.

Grouse on the tree. A graphic.

A graphic.

Bird of prey.


Weapons for collectors.


Ancient accessories for shooting.

Ancient accessories

Hunting in the mountains.


Hunting with a dog in the woods.

Hunting with a dog in the woods.

Hunting in the mountains.


Hunting suit.


Hunting with a dog.


The tempering of steel cold.

The tempering of steel cold

The knife manufacturer.

The knife manufacturer.

Bulat. Knife


Elegant gift handmade knife.

Elegant  knife.

Handmade knife.


The deer hunter

deer hunter

Shooting from a rifle.


A big pike.


The bird on the tree.

The bird


EN Going up the Don, the ship crosses the Rostov Region boundary and goes on cruising in the neighbour Volgograd region till the city of Volgograd (former Stalingrad). Volgograd today is a big industrial, administrative, cultural and educational centre. Moreover, Volgograd is a monument city. Buildings of tsarist Russia, memorials of historic events, memorial places…


Romanovskaya. Volgodonsk

EN Romanovskaya’stanitsa is located just in several kilometres from Volgodonsk, an important industrial town emerging at the beginning of the 1950s due to construction of the Tsimlyansky waterworks facility. Here the Don Steppe nature is to admire, and tourists will also take part in an old wedding rite “Smotriny” (Bride-show, when bridegroom’s relatives come to…



EN Many Rostov Region tourist routes pass through the Konstantinovsky Area. Local attractions are not only historic and cultural monuments, but also picturesque landscapes, Don Cossack hospitality and traditions which the Russians know from the “Gipsy” movie which was shot here in the 1 980s, after the novel of the same title by a well-known…



EN The tour program offered includes a walking tour in stanitsa Starocherkasskaya, one of the oldest Don stanitsas (Cossack villages), which was the Don Cossack capital in the XVII-XIX centuries. Tourists will visit Starocherkassky historic and architectural museum-reserve, the only XVIII-XX Century architecture ensemble in the South of Russia which remained intact; the museum was…



EN Taganrog is a port-town, fortress-town founded by Peter the Great in 1 898. Today Taganrog is a big industrial, scientific, cultural and tourist centre of the Rostov Region, and an open-air museum as well. A special bus tour has been arranged for the cruise people: the tourists will stroll in the historic and architectural…



Azov is one of the oldest towns of the Russian Federation Southern federal district. Founded in 1067, in the medieval times Azak/Azov was already a big port and important commercial centre of the region, a powerful Turkish fortress which was the object of over three centuries’ struggle of the Don Cossacks and the Russian state.…


River cruises in the lower Don

EN River cruises in the lower Don Rostov-on-Don – Taganrog -Azov – Rostov-on-Don. Cruise time is 3 days/2 nights Rostov-on-Don – Starocherkasskaya – Rostov-on-Don. Cruise time is 2 days/1 night Rostov-on-Don – Konstantinovsk -Starocherkasskaya -Rostov-on-Don. Cruise time is 3 days/2 nights Rostov-on-Don – Starocherkasskaya – Konstantinovsk -Romanovskaya – Rostov-on-Don. Cruise time is 4 days/3 nights…