Street Rozdestvenskaya

Street Rozdestvenskaya. The oldest street of Nizhniy Novgorod

Street Rozdestvenskaya. The oldest street of Nizhniy Novgorod. Combines архитектурны styles from different centuries. Now the street has been fully renovated with extended pedestrian area. Decorated with monuments-figures characterizing the merchant style of the city of Nizhny Novgorod. The street is completely renovated in 2012.

Exhibition hall of congress-exhibition center “VertolExpo”

DE Die Ausstellungshalle des Kongress-Zentrums „WertolExpo”. EN Rostov-on-Don is the largest business center in the south of Russia. Annually more than 500 congresses, 100 specialized exhibitions are held in the city. Eight professional exhibition companies operate here. Among the leading exhibition companies are congress-exhibition center “VertolExpo” and congress-hotel “Don-Plaza”, arranging South-Russia symposiums and outstanding forums,…


Water activity

EN Rostov region has much opportunities for all types of water resorting: here is navigable Don, and Severskiy Donets with beautiful banks and Azov Sea, many small rivers among which there are ones suitable for kayaking. On the upper Don it is good to go rafting, and along preserved territories with plenty of clear lakes…


Ľudové sviatky Cossack

EN Cossack horse races. Novocherkassk DE Kosaken-Pferderennen. Nowotscherkassk EN“Azov siege” historical reconstruction DE Inszenierung der Schlacht bei der Festung Asow EN Folk holiday in Ataman courtyard of Cossack stanitsa Starocherkasskaya — at its height DE Folklorefest im Ataman-Hof in der Kosakensiedlung Starotscherkasskaja ist in vollem Gange EN International literary-folk holiday “Sholokhov’s spring” in stanitsa Vyeshenskaya…


Archaeological finds

EN Enormous wealth — the unique Items of archeologlcal collections, relics of D sack, the collection of paintings, personal things and archives are kept in the museum of Rostov region. 1. Sword with sheath (gold, turquoise, cornelian, iron). 2. Falars (gold, bronze, turquoise, agate, alrnandine, glass, coral, garnet). 1-2: Last quarter of I century В.…


Amphora, hall of museum-preserve “Tanais”

Archeological museum-preserve “Tanais” the first and biggest museum in Russia, well known to all arche-ologists throughout the world. In the preserve you can walk along open blocks and streets of the ancient town, look at reconstructions of ancient buildings, admire multiple exhibits of amphora hall. DE Amphorenraum im Museum-Naturschutzgebiet «Tanais» Das archäologische Museum-Naturschutzgebiet „Tanais” —…


Architectural look of Taganrog

EN Architectural look of Taganrog is very expressive: proportion and clarity of classicism are harmonically combined with elegance of Baroque and Empire style. Market rows (1841) N.D. Alferaki place. Architect A.I. Stakensneider (1848) DE Die architektonische Gestalt von Taganrog ist sehr ausdrucksvoll: der Einklang und die Klarheit des Klassizismus und die Eleganz des Barock- und…



The features of the beautiful city Novocherkassk, which was primordially built as Don Cossack capital are clarity of capital, scale and harmony of proportions, grandiosity of streets and squares. “The second sun of the Don” — The Ascension Cathedral of the Army in Novocherkassk is the third biggest temple in Russia. Architect A. A.Yashenko (1891-1905)…



EN High business activity and developed partner relationships with great number of world countries made Rostov region one of the most attractive tourist’s areas In the south part of the Russia. For the Russian and foreign travelers Rostov is interesting by its unique cultural-historical heritage, which reflected antiquity, the Middle Ages and the main periods…


The confluence of two rivers — the Oka and the Volga. “The Spit”

T he guests of the city are also interested in historic architectural museum-reserve which is one of the best in Russia in richness of its funds; the art museum in which there are collected more than thousand pictures of outstanding Russian artists of XVIII-XX centuries (I.Repin, K.Brullov, N.Kramskoy, A.Savrasov, I.Shishkin V.Vasnetsov, V.Serov, B.Kustodiev, N.Rerich, A.Platov…