The remains of 47 Soviet soldiers and three Japanese soldiers have been found on Shumshu Island, the northernmost point in the Pacific Kuril Islands chain, the Interfax news agency reported.

A group of 11 volunteers from the Sakhalin branch of the non-profit organization, Search Movement of Russia, discovered the remains as part of a dig that began in late June.

“The results of this expedition have been impressive, and we managed to find the remains of 47 Soviet soldiers and sailors who died during the Kuril landing operation in August 1945, as well as three Japanese soldiers,” said Artem Bandura, chairman of the Sakhalin branch of Search Movement of Russia, reported Interfax.

In addition to human remains, volunteers found the personal effects of five Soviet soldiers, which included spoons, flasks, and boot heels that had been initialed. One Japanese soldier’s dog tags were recovered.