Among other time-honored New Year’s Eve traditions, many Russians include an early and idiosyncratic observance of the Chinese New Year. Although it will be celebrated on Feb. 5, Russians pay close attention to the horoscope for the incoming year based on the Chinese zodiac. In 2019, the “yellow earth pig” is king.

The pig stands alone

Russian astrologists note that the pig is a very domestic, carefree, yet intuitive and compassionate creature. It symbolizes, above all, comfort, light-heartedness, pragmatism and aversion to conflict —although the pig is also known for its indomitable spirit, and even if provoked, it will not deviate from its chosen course.

In general, astrologists say the Year of the Pig will be a quiet and rewarding one, bringing renewed focus on family, close friends and loved ones, as well as a renewal of old bonds and the creation of new ones. Good fortune, both personally and professionally, will come to those who are not afraid to be pig-headed in their pursuit of aims, but likewise to those who also understand the value of the mediating influences of intuition and altruism. The Year of the Pig is the year of the selfless go-getter.