ROSATOM again has become a leader of RSPP (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs) Sustainable Development Indexes rating. These indexes evaluate achievements of companies in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and reporting. They were provided on December 11 at the expanded sitting of the RSPP Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility and Demographic Policy “Company’s Business Look Through A Lens of Reporting”.

ROSATOM took leader’s positions in both indexes. In the index “Responsibility and Openness” ROSATOM has been included in the group of 32 companies which show highest results: Gazprom, Lukoil, Nornikel, AFK System, RZD, Sberbank, Aeroflot and other large Russian companies. The corporation took a position in the leadership group of 24 leading Russian companies in the index “Sustainable Development Vector”.

The leader position of ROSATOM has become the result of focused effort to create and develop public reporting in the Russian nuclear sector over several recent years. In their annual reports ROSATOM and its main divisions, in accordance with international standards, disclose key information about impacts to the environment, contribution to the host territories development, social and charity initiatives, and other aspects of sustainable development. At the present time, the ROSATOM’s teams that support changes in the system implement the initiative on building the sustainable development management system in the nuclear sector. It is called for to help ROSATOM to preserve and strengthen leadership positions in this field both in Russia and internationally.

At the meeting, which was held with the participation of the Moscow Exchange and European Business Association, RSPP Chairman of the Committee and Management Bureau Member David Yakobashvili noted significant value of the work to assess sustainable development indexes. “The business practical work built on the principles of responsibility and openness today is the practical necessity for companies due to growing attention from all sides to sustainable development issues. It deals with climate change issues, labor and production safety, human potential development, risk management, resource saving and energy efficiency, responsibility in the chain of supply, anti-corruption practice implementation, and socioeconomic development of regions. Improvement of these processes in Russia meets both internal objectives of the country and world-wide trends,” he said. The results of RSPP sustainable development ratings “Responsibility and Openness 2018” and “Sustainable Development Vector 2018” was presented by N. V. Khonyakova, the head of the project group on indexes of the RSPP Committee, and E. N. Feoktistov, Deputy Chairwoman of the RSPP Committee for Social Responsibility and Demographic Policy. Significant improvement of the information quality about them provided by leaders and increased assessment were pointed out.

For information:

The RSPP indexes have been composed since 2014. The index “Responsibility and Openness” reflects the situation of disclosure of corporate information on sustainable development issues and corporate responsibility. The index “Sustainable Development Vector” means the index of dynamics of performance of companies in this sphere which assesses where changes in main socioeconomic and environmental indicators for over a number of years are trended. The indexes “Responsibility and Openness” and “Sustainable Development Vector” are interrelated. The first one is an independent tool of corporate information disclosure assessment and a “filter” for screening for the second index which reflects the dynamics of actual results reflected in the disclosed information. The material for the analysis is public corporate reporting of 100 largest Russian companies in terms of sales; the companies that socioeconomic influence if more prominent. High positions of ROSATOM in the indexes also confirm its standing as the world leader in carbon-free energy generation.